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Book 7
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1 16-Jul-71 Wyke County Primary School staged a projects and hobbies shoiw open to parents and friends.Mr Cook presented prizes
1 16-Jul-71 Miss Daisy Backhurst was overall winner in Christmaspie W I horticultural and handicraft show
1 16-Jul-71 Normandy Scout Group are doing well.The Cub Scouts won Guildford District swimming and Beaver Patrol 1st Normandy Scouts won the Harvey Eagle Trophy.
4 30-Jul-71 Many elm trees on parish land infected by Dutch Elm Disease.A letter received by Council from Mr R Bayliss and Mr Mcallister, concerned by infected trees adjacent to their properties
4 30-Jul-71 Concerned by overflowing of sewage in the village last month the Council has received a letter from Mr K.W.Snape an engineer and surveyer stating there is no simple solution.
4 30-Jul-71 The barbeque held on lawn of Wyje Vicarage was nt a "fundraiser" but a social get-together.
4 13-Aug-71 A right-of-way could fade into oblivion because sign has been removed and appears to be a private entrance. Another right-of-way between Stedmans Cottages and Deedmans meadow could also disappear.
. 13-Aug-71 After having his lawn disfigured by mounds made by moles the vicar of Normandy was told of a cure.The planting of capers.This he did and the ploy worked but he has no idea why.Tom Walton found toy windmills also worked
9 20-Aug-71 Cricket Club were challenged to a game by Tongham Ladies Stoolball Club. Rivalry forgotten dancing in the clubhouse later to Frank Allen Sound.
10 20-Aug-71 A setback for laying of Normandy Village Hall's floor meant the hall was unusable for Vokes Social Club Annual horticultural show.
11 03-Sep-71 Delay in completion of the floor of the village hall means Gardening Assoc. Autumn Show will be held in Wyke School.
12 03-Sep-71 Further attempts to get some form of traffic light control under railway bridge in Westwood Lane failed.
14 24-Sep-71 "The law as it affects women" was the subject of a talk by Mr C Vincent a solicitor to members of Christmaspie W I
14 24-Sep-71 Sausage and mash with folk songs.The entertainment provided by Helen Hawkett and Sarah Bryant.
15 01-Oct-71 Parish Council concerned by refusal of County Council to allow traffic light control at railway bridge in Westwood Lane A footway to be considered.
15 01-Oct-71 £100 was raised at a Maritime Fair organised by St.Mark's Church has been divided between the Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen and the Mission to Seamens new club to be built in Lagos, West Africa.
15 01-Oct-71 The Grenadier Guards have asked permssion to hold a fete on the recreation ground at beginning of September
16 01-Oct-71 The Parish Council does not want the village to think the proposed car park has been forgotten.Delay is financial.
16 01-Oct-71 Dutch Elm disease in the village is serious.Mr Bristow the divisional surveyor is to assess the number of affected trees.
18 22-Oct-71 Despite a pathetically low turnout at Normandy Festival Assoc.annual important the tradition should go on.
19 22-Oct-71 The new floor in the village hall has been in use since the beginning of the month.The old floor had been in situ for 30 yrs. It had a 5inch variation between high and low points !!.New floor laid over concrete rafts.
19 29-Oct-71 The Bisley and Sandhurst Hunt met at Marriners House,Guildford Rd,the home of Miss Tomlin.A field of 30.
20 29-Oct-71 An estimate of £7.60 was accepted for the repainting of the chains and posts around the war memorial
20 20-Oct-71 The Council have agreed to the request of the South London centre of the Caravan Club to hold a rally at the recreation ground during 1972 Normandy Festival.
20 29-Oct-71 "It is not too late to stop elm disease" reported Mr Olley at the last Council Meeting.
21 05-Nov-71 The fist meeting of the NADS Green Room Group since its inauguration last month.
22 05-Nov-71 About 1300 employees were evacuated from Vokes Ltd at noon on Wednesday after a woman telephoned and said. there was a bomb in the building.A search was made but nothing was found.
24 19-Nov-71 Mr Bob Hammond Normandy branch standard bearer for many years invited to carry R B L standard at Albert Hall for Festival of Remembrance.
25 26-Nov-71 A high standard of scenery and acting seen in "Best of Friends" by NADS
25 26-Nov-71 St.Mark's Church Wyke has celebrated its 125th anniversary.The Bishop of Guildford spoke at reception.
27 17-Sep-71 The unforseen delay on the renewal of village hall costing about £15 per week in cancelled bookings
27 17-Sep-71 A new venue but the Normandy & District Autumn Show was well supported.
31 03-Dec-71 The possibility of tennis court s in the village could become a reality.The parish council agreed to make land available.
31 03-Dec-71 The Parish Council will supply the Surrey County Council with information on dutch elm disease in the village.
31 03-Dec-71 The owners of Manor Fruit Farm say that their 32 acres of land should be developed as a new centre for the village. They want permission to build houses on the land but Guildford Rural Council has refused.
31 03-Dec-71 Mrs Preston of Glaziers Lane has asked the council to display a map of footpaths in the village.
32 10-Dec-71 Mr Douglas H Roberts retires from the chairmanship of the RBL after serving his second term in office.The club membership is 97 full and 44 honorary members.
32 10-Dec-71 The developers who were refused permission to build on Manor Fruit Farm last December havve appealed.
33 17-Dec-71 Normandy is to have a second Brownie Pack. A beetle drive was held to help launch it
33 17-Dec-71 Mr Jack Weston retired from his post of caretaker and school lollypop man for 37 years.
34 24-Dec-71 Two old cars at a scrapyard in Guildford Rd Normandy caught fire.

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