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Book 8
(07/01/1972 to 02/06/1972)



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2 07-Jan-72 The Council has been noted of an increase of 5% Southern Electricity Board and an increase of 2 1/2 % by the South Eastern Electricity Board.
6 21-Jan-72 Wyke and Normandy WI were entertained last Friday by a humourous account of a policemans duties by W.P Sgt. Spence from Mount Browne.
6 21-Jan-72 John Coussmaker gave a talk to an audience at the village hall on "How to put on a show"
8 28-Jan-72 The use of open spaces for the improvement of recreational facilities on land owned by the parish council is considered.
8 28-Jan-72 Plans are going ahead for the 7th annual Normandy Festival.The theme "Common Marker".
8 23-Jan-72 1st Normandy Brownies have achieved their third win in the National Guilde Song Festival.Trained by mrs Ann Wildig.
8 28-Jan-72 The dumping of garden rubbish is a concern to the Parish Council.This as taken place in Normandy Hill.
8 28-Jan-72 The Parish Council's lighting account stands at £213. Additional lights required in Wyke Avvenue.
8 28-Jan-72 An ecumenical service in support of church unity was conducted at St.Marks Church by ministers of three denominations.
8 28-Jan-72 An ecumenical service in support of church unity was conducted at St.Marks Church by ministers of three denominations.
8 28-Jan-72 A grant of £50 has been agreed towards the upkeep of St.Marks churchyard and £125 for village hall fund.
8 28-Jan-72 Members of the Parish Council are happy with the one way traffic under the railway bridge in Westwood Lane.
9 04-Feb-72 With the purpose of rejuvenating the Normandy Conservative Women's Circle a group met at Birchwood home of Mrs Barbara Cook.
13 03-Mar-72 The Brownies who did so well in the Guide Singing Festival were knocked out at the weekend They came second at Croydon
13 03-Mar-72 It was a unanimous decision by Normandy Parish Council to support Guildford Rural Council in opposition to proposals put forward by the parish councils of Albury and Wonersh for an alternative formation of new districts.
14 03-Mar-72 A fresh oven ready turkey weighing 10lbs made a mysterious appearance at Red Leys childrens home.
14 31-Mar-72 There is anger in Normandy caused by the dumping of rubbish . In particular on the verge of Flexford Rd.
17 31-Mar-72 Mrs Marjorie Martin has run a play group at Red Leys for 30 years due to helpers leaving it has had to close. A farewell party was held on Monday afternoon.
18 07-Apr-72 The plea for a second football pitch has been shelved until land available in the village for recreational purposes.has been formulated.
19 14-Apr-72 Good weather and a large number of entrants and spectators gave success to Normandy Ridings Club's Easter Show
20 14-Apr-72 A discription of all the canditates for parish council seats at election on May 6th.
20 14-Mar-72 There is a record number of entrants in the Normandy & Distrct Gardening Aoos. Show.101 in all
20 14-Apr-72 Following the closure of the playgroup at Red Leys two mothers from Orchard Close are considering starting another group.
24 28-Apr-72 The Parish Council is to allow the South London Caravan Club to park 40 vans on the recreation ground.
24 28-Apr-72 Mr William Olley member of Parish Council for 11 years is to retire
24 28-Apr-72 The Council is seeking land in the Christmas Pie area for a play area but ha little hope of finding any.
27 05-May-72 Determined parents are intending to fight for a play area in Christmas Pie area.
27 05-May-72 Katherine Newman 11 years crowned Normandy''s 19th May Queen
31 19-Mar-72 Normandy Scout Group outdoor pool in jeapardy. £1300 is needed to renovate it.A fund raising project is being launched
32 24-May-72 NADS considering staging a Christmas pantomime,however the lack of set builders is on of the problems.Apart from this three full length plays have been produced.
32 24-May-72 Police patroling the Guildford Rd/Glaziers Lane crossroads is to be asked for by Normandy and Wanborough Amenities Assoc. for times of 8.00am to 9.00am.
33 02-May-72 Mr Cyril White of Bailes Lane has been elected chairman of the Parish Council.
33 02-Jun-72 A petitionof 479 signatures calling for a football pitch for use by boys under 15 has been presented to Parish Council. The Council have agreed to set up a committee to deal with this and other recreational problems
33 02-Jun-72 Mr Cyril White has been elected chairman and Mr Trevor Johnson vice chairman of Normandy Parish Council.
33 02-Jun-72 Guildford Rural Council's Planning Comm.has refused an application for Trans-Care International to park and maintain ambulances at premises in Normanady
34 02-Jun-72 The Residents Assoc.has taken a census of children in the Christmas Pie area.

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