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Newspaper Scrap-Book
Book 6
(30/01/1971 to 19/06/1971)



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1 30-Jan-71 An effort is being made to encourage attendance at the annual parish meeting
1 06-Feb-71 Ten acres of parish council land at Guildford Rd swarmed with 100 Guildford scouts when an intertroop tree felling and logging competition was held last Sunday.
2 06-Feb-71 Normandy Scouts continue their newspaper collection Last May they raised £84.
3 13-Feb-71 There is a strong feeling about the removal of the track across the line at Wanborough Station used by mothers & invalids
4 19-Feb-71 In spite of a powerccut that blacked out the village NADS continued their play "They came to a city" by torchlight
5 26-Feb-71 There will be a contest during a music hall evening to decide on the Normandy Festivals ideal married couple.
5 26-Feb-71 Mr Gus Kraweszyk has abandoned his fight to keep the business he runs from home.That of a scrap merchant.6
5 26-Feb-71 The Parish Council considers a telephone message to the effect that Ash was applying for a speed restriction east of the Dover Arms (in Normandy parish) as discourteous. A letter is to be sent
6 06-Mar-71 There was a record attendance at the Scout Jumble Sale.Police had to ask for removal of cars on main road.
10 27-Mar-71 Two Normandy Scouts Robin Plumley (16) aand Ian Otway (14) have attained the Chief Scout Sward
11 03-Apr-71 Surrey County Assoc.of Parish Councils request Normandy Parish to state preferences in the reorganisation scheme of local government as proposed in the Government White Paper.
12 10-Apr-71 Normandy's first ideal couple are Mr & Mrs Ron Hall of Fiddlers Hall,Glaziers Lane.
12 10-Apr-71 Catherine Padley-Smith is this years May Queen
13 10-Apr-71 The hope of Normandy villagers that access to the Guildford platform at the station has has been dashed by British Rail
14 10-Apr-71 Mr Owen Lewis,headmaster of Wyke School for the past 17 years retired on Wednesday
14 10-Apr-71 Riders from all over the area congregated at the Normanady Easter Monday Horse Show.
16 23-Apr-71 Mr A A Cook missed the St.Marks annual meeting.He had been churchwarden for 25 years and this was the first annual meeting he had missed in 39 years.The vicar said plans for the new church hall had been submitted.
17 23-Apr-71 Disapproval has been expressed by Rural Amenities Assoc. of the apprearance of Parish Council land on Guildford Rd after clearance by Guildford Scout troops.
17 01-May-71 Proposed building on Recreation Ground to serve Football Club and Youth Club.
19 07-May-71 A\"Whole Food" day organised by the Soil Assoc.held at home of chairwoman Miss Margo Hugh-Jones.
22 21-May-71 Saturday was day of presentations.
. . 1.Cyril Dyson a warrant after 40 years service,making him an Honory.Cub-Scout Leader
. . 2 A long service medal to Godfrey Watson
. . 3. To Michael Cheeseman a Queens Scout received a St.John's Ambulance first aid award for adults
22 21-May-71 The manure on fields at Elm Hill obnoxious say villagers living nearby.
23 28-May-71 More members are needed by Normandy and Wanborough Rural Ammenities Assoc.
23 28-May-71 Mrs Doreen Halton and team of three from Aldershot Floral Arrangers were responsible for entry to to Chelsea Flower Show and won silver gilt award
24 28-Mar-71 Normandy Festival procession will assemble at Orchard Close
26 11-Jun-71 Photograph of Joyce Jones (22) wife of Michael Jones butcher
26 11-Jun-71 Normandy Congregational Church celebrated 146th Anniversary
27 11-Jun-71 Two cousins from Canada visiting Mrs Turner of Pirbright Rd intrigued by all they saw.
27 11-Jun-71 Annual car treasure hunt of W.I. Has just taken place.Winning driver was Mrs K Backhurst.
28 19-Jun-71 Hundreds of people watched Normandy Festival procession along the route. Many decorated floats.
28 19-Jun-71 St.Marks Church featured a display of flowers entitled "Colour in Church- Flowers of Faith during Festival weekend
29 19-Jun-71 Sunday was the Festival's Children s Day.Pet Shows and pony racing

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