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1 14-May-99 Guildford Borough Council Election results.
1 07-May-99 Church News. The arrival of the Reverend Pauline Godfrey at St Mark's, Wyke.
2 25-Jun-99 Surreys first Farmers Market - a sell out at Milford. 6,000 + attended.
2 04-Jun-99 Cricket. The National Lottery have provided £102,000 towards the £150,000 cost of the Pavilion facelift. Flora Doris Cup news.
3 31-May-99 Notice of Grand Opening of the Cricket Pavilion on 31st May
4 09-Jul-99 An anonymous letter protesting against the show people on Guildford Rd has been circulated. Parish Council states it has nothing to do with this letter. Show people have responded to it with own letter distributed with village newspapers
5 13-Aug-99 Peter Palmer appointed on to the Parish Council.
5 13-Aug-99 Council Grants in 1999/2000 estimates.
5 23-Jul-99 Showmen fail to get backing for site plans.
5 23-Jul-99 Money raising event for the projected Therapy Garden. The opening of 12 village gardens & a lunch in the village hall.
6 23-Jul-99 Legal moves see the showman staying put on the five acres of land east of Grassy Piece Copse in Aldershot Rd.
6 03-Sep-99 Hepatitis A virus found among caravan children. 101 Travellers have been vaccinated.
7 15-Oct-99 Results of Normandy Gardening Association Autumn Show.
7 15-Oct-99 The re-opening of the village shop in Guildford Rd as a convenience store by Glen Hudson & Richard Galloway.
7 05-Nov-99 Bingo raised £335 by the Women's Institute for Chase Hospice.
7 05-Nov-99 Rumours that the Normandy Doctor's Surgery is about to close have been denied by the senior partner.
7 05-Nov-99 Tools worth thousands stolen from farm buildings in School Lane.
7 05-Nov-99 First scooter presented. Scheme for Canadian veterans finding difficulty in walking. Presented by Albert Cunningham.
8 21-Jan-00 Letter from Trevor Wilkes, Chairman of Trustees Village Hall, explaining claw-back clause with regard to the funding of the new village hall on Manor Fruit Farm.
8 21-Jan-00 Alan Jones of Christmas Pie has been awarded an MBE for services to energy & water efficiency.
9 14-Jan-00 Doug Roberts, late of Guildford Rd Normandy, now of Star & Garter Home in Richmond celebrates his 100th Birthday.
9 14-Jan-00 The Vicar of St Mark's Wyke is to split her pastoral time between the Normandy & Worplesdon Parishes from February.
9 28-Jan-00 Humfrey Malins M.P. for Woking does a Normandy "Walkabout".
9 28-Jan-00 In connection with the new village hall; further explanation of the claw-back clause. Plans for development can now go ahead.
10 31-Mar-00 An inflatable sun dome over a swimming pool in Wyke Lane has to be removed. It has been deemed as being inappropriate in the belt area.
10 31-Mar-00 The Parish Council was thanked for doing a "good job" by the Chairman.
10 31-Mar-00 Normandy biking youngsters brought a request to the Parish Council to have a rubbish bin at the area known as the "ups & downs" where they are allowed to ride their mountain bikes.
10 31-Mar-00 Doug Roberts belated Birthday celebrations at the cricket club. A lunch held in his honour. He is 100 years old.
10 31-Mar-00 Humfrey Malins M.P. for Woking was at the local branch of the Conservative Association annual meeting.
11 31-Mar-00 A cheque for £2,500 has been given to the Normandy Therapy Garden by Tesco.
11 14-Apr-00 A roundabout for the junction of Glaziers Lane with Guildford Rd has been suggested. To be looked into.
11 21-Apr-00 Praise for the alertness of Dr Lukaszewicz in detecting a heart murmer in eight month Dominic Lee.
11 21-Apr-00 A resident of Bailes Lane brought the fact that the banks of a ditch in the lane could slip to attention of Parish Council.
12 21-Apr-00 A special edition of "The Villager" to announce vacancy on the council & to explain how the Manor Fruit Farm would development would affect rate payers.
12 28-Apr-00 First place amongst 21 teams for Normandy scout troop in a night hike competition run by Guildford West District
12 28-Apr-00 Saturday & Sunday are "Play Tennis" days when all local clubs will be open to the public to "have a go". Staged by L.T.A.
12 12-May-00 A cheque from the Abbey National Building Society, Guildford, for £1,000 handed over to Chairman of Normandy Therapy Garden.
13 12-May-00 A spate of burglaries has prompted the suggestion for employing a security guard.
13 12-May-00 Controversy over finance. The details of the cost of the proposed leisure centre/village hall should be made public.
13 12-May-00 Regal picture of the 2000 May Queen, the Millennium Queen, retiring May Queen & the May King.
14 12-May-00 Some of the new hassocks for St Mark's & those who made them. Target of 44 to be completed by the Summer.
14 26-May-00 Fire breaks out at Normandy Hunts Hill Farm, causing severe damage.
14 26-May-00 Historians have had success with their bid for help in the cost of publication for their book "A Century of Normandy in Surrey". They were awarded £1,000 from the Millennium Festival Awards scheme.
14 26-May-00 McLeod Russel Holdings, new owners of Vokes are committed to retaining site in the Guildford area. Facilities need updating.
15 26-May-00 Albert Cunningham re-elected Chairman of Parish Council.
15 26-May-00 Cricket. Division 2
15 02-Jun-00 Mixed response for a street drinking ban.
15 02-Jun-00 Roger Black, 400 metres Olympic silver medallist urging the County's youth to take part in the BAA Gatwick Surrey Youth Games.
16 09-Jun-00 Special edition of "The Villager" giving Manor Fruit Farm development report & finance necessary for new village hall.
16 23-Jun-00 St Mark's new Church hall is taking shape. Cost will be £280,000. Fund raising has brought in £89,000 & sale of Church house £150,000. £35,000 has been borrowed.
17 23-Jun-00 Book "A Century of Normandy in Surrey" to be launched at Wyke Primary School on Sunday July 9. Price £7.50. Published by Normandy Historians.
17 23-Jun-00 Sale of promises held in Fairlands Community Centre raised £6,000. Will be used to buy 2 electronic blood pressure machines for Normandy & Fairlands Surgeries. Organised by Jane Lee as thank you for rapid diagnosis of son by Doctors.
18 30-Jun-00 The Director General of "Save the Children", Mike Aaronson, awarded CBE.
18 30-Jun-00 Cubs & Scouts of Guildford West District have been camping at Elstead.
18 30-Jun-00 Harry Gould has a farewell party with 200 guests & their horses at Parwood. Retired & sold house & equestrian centre.
19 07-Jul-00 Cricket. 3 victories running have taken Normandy into the promotion zone.
19 07-Jul-00 Travelling showman lose battle over land in Normandy after a five year fight.
19 07-Jul-00 The Parish Council has a new member, Dr Duncan Fawthrop of Green Lane East.
19 07-Jul-00 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies in Surrey.
20 14-Jul-00 Proposals for new "leisure" centre move on to next stage. Letter from village hall trustees to Parish Council giving undertaking to build new village hall on the Manor Fruit Farm site, subject to certain conditions.
20 14-Jul-00 Mrs Annie Marshall, born in the village in 1900 celebrates her 100th birthday with a party in the village hall.
20 14-Jul-00 Diana Lockyer-Nibbs is urging Guildford Borough Council to find alternative site for Slyfield market, which closed May 30.
20 21-Jul-00 "A Century of Normandy in Surrey" was launched in hall of Wyke Primary School. Doug Roberts was guest of honour.
20 04-Aug-00 Cricket. Division 2 round-up.
21 04-Aug-00 Benches for the Therapy Garden presented by McShane construction, the Halton family & Cornhill Insurance.
21 04-Aug-00 There have been complaints regarding overgrown grass verges etc: Have been passed on by Parish Council to SCC highways.
22 15-Sep-00 The foundation stone of St Mark's new Church hall was unveiled by the Vicar, the Reverend Andy Knowles.
22 25-Aug-00 "A hundred years in the life of a village". A description of the book just published by Normandy Historians.
22 15-Sep-00 A good response of 147 entries in the Normandy & District Gardening Association Autumn show.
23 15-Sep-00 Diana Lockyer-Nibbs takes part in sponsored ride raising £800 for charity but article does not say where or which charity.
23 13-Oct-00 Tony Higham has resigned from the Parish Council.
24 13-Oct-00 Joe Jones was banned from ever keeping an animal for life & fined. His emaciated & dehydrated pony kept on Middleview caravan site was in such bad condition it had to be put down.
24 10-Nov-00 A Normandy pensioner was robbed in her home in the Willows Mobile Home caravan park by 2 masked men.
24 10-Nov-00 Borough Council have donated 900-1,000 bulbs to the village - the problem now is getting them planted.
24 10-Nov-00 The quality of teaching at the Emmanuel Nursery School, Normandy is praised.
25 10-Nov-00 Consternation over the pink telephone box in a garden in Westwood Lane.
25 10-Nov-00 The County Council is to be "chased"by P.C. over requested mini roundabout at junction Hunts Hill Rd/Glaziers Lane/Guildford Rd
25 17-Nov-00 Children of Emmanuel Church make posters & say "no" to Halloween. Witchcraft origins, & trick or treat frighten the elderly.
25 08-Dec-00 Normandy to increase spending. Figures given.
26 15-Dec-00 St Mark's have requested grant from Parish Council for path between Church & Church hall & the URC for a minibus. No to both.
26 15-Dec-00 Work on the mini leisure centre on the Manor Fruit Farm will start in the new year.
26 15-Dec-00 Flooding sewage in gardens,sheds & out houses at lower end Orchard Close. Thames Water admitted responsibility.
27 12-Jan-01 Raw sewage in Orchard Close top of Parish Council agenda. Thames Water produced questionnaire & will look at situation again.
27 12-Jan-01 Fireworks night cost Parish Council £226. £60 worth of fireworks & fire blanket were stolen before event.
27 12-Jan-01 Speed restrictions. A petition with 80 signatures from parents calling for 30 m.p.h. in School Lane to go to S.C.C.
28 12-Jan-01 The retirement of Tom & Ethel Turner after 30 years of running Westwood Stores.
28 12-Jan-01 Cobbetts Close gypsy site is in line for a major overhaul.
28 16-Feb-01 The new Councillor, Peta Malthouse has taken her seat on the Parish Council.
28 23-Feb-01 Farewell to Father Sam Burt from the Roman Catholic congregations of Holy Angels, Ash & St Mary's Normandy.
29 19-Jan-01 The URC's minibus is now on the road. It has taken 2 years to raise money to buy it. Elderly of Normandy are welcome to use it.
29 09-Feb-01 The opening of St Mark's Church hall by the Bishop of Dorking. Three former Vicars of St Mark's present.
30 23-Feb-01 Photograph of the Vicar, Churchwarden & new Church hall at St Mark's.
31 02-Mar-01 "A century of Women in Guildford". An exhibition at Guildford Museum.
32 02-Mar-01 From the people of Normandy & presented by Chairman of P.C. a bird bath to Tom & Ethel Turner thanking for years of service.
32 02-Mar-01 The kennels at East Wyke Farm must go after neighbours complained of the noise of the dogs barking.
33 02-Mar-01 The Villager Issue 7 December 2000 gives a resume of Manor Fruit Farm situation at present & planned for building.
33 02-Mar-01 Vacancy for Parish Councillor.
33 16-Mar-01 The mural in Glaziers Lane Doctor's Surgery & its perpetrators, Michele Petri of Normandy & Jo Birkby of Knaphill.

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