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Book 17
(31/04/1995 to 07/05/1999)



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1 31-Mar-95 Letter of thanks for an evening of V E celebration 50 held in the village hall.
1 03-Nov-95 Doctors quash rumours about the village surgery. This will not close.
1 11-Aug-95 The parish council has refrained from taking on the management of Wyke Wood.( junction of School Lane & Pirbright Rd)
1 10-Nov-95 A blow by blow account of the establishment of the village pond is held up as a case example of how it should be done.
1 10-Nov-95 Mixed reactions concerning Normandy in the Best Kept Village competition.(report)
2 16-Sep-95 The Parish Council will present an exhibition of its plans for Manor Fruit Farm site.
2 10-Mar-95 The Parish Council will celebrate the 40th year of its existence on April 1st.The Parish is searching for suitable premises to establish as Parish Office.
2 . V E Day Festival.50 years next year and aim is to have a week long festival.
2 07-Oct-95 The plan of a local architect, Tom Ridler? for development at Henley Park is criticised.
3 21-Oct-94 Japanese members of the Workers Welfare Council were shown the art of hedge laying by John Milne and Alec Rogers
3 . Residents helped catch two burglars who admitted causing 4 of the 14 burglaries taken place in the village this year.
3 . Car stoning yobs are speeding through Pirbright & Normandy catapulting stones through car and shop windows.
3 . Normandy cricket ground have won an oak bench at their first prize in Best Kept Village competition.
4 . Care staff attending 4 adults in a bungalow in Beech Lane have been told they cannot use a garage as bedroom (for overnight staff and a laundry room)
4 18-Jan-95 Plans for a golf course at Merrist Wood have alarmed local residents.Proposal to e considered by G B C planning comm.
5 . The Cricket Club Third X! will play every other week on Normandy's second ground alternating with Guildford "Thirds" Normandy and Surrey's new indoor six-a-side cricket champions.The team go to Canterbury next to play Kent.
6 10-Feb-95 Two letters.(1).Maj.P A Lewis objecting to Merrist Wood changing its educational programmes from teaching agriculture to teaching golf and maintenance of golf courses
. . (ii) From Miss J Barton of Glaziers Lane and the need for better traffic control in the village
6 10-Feb-95 Explanation by Trevor Wilkes that the village hall is managed by trustees who are independent of the parish council. The remaining part of the planned complex being sports facilities for which the parish council are responsible.
7 24-Feb-95 Weekend of church events.United Reformed Church is celebrating its 170th anniversary with weekend of events.
7 24-Feb-95 Twelve people will be tramping the footpaths of Normandy as part of a Surrey C C survey to monitor state of styles etc.
8 10-Mar-95 History on display as U R C celebrate the 170th anniversary of the church and Rev. Ray Whittle's 50 years as a minister.
8 24-Nov-95 Parish Council has decided to engage the services of a consultant with the object of making planning application for village use of the former Manor Fruit
8 03-Mar-95 The village hall could be replaced by eight new houses.A picture of the hall and an outline survey.
9 14-Apr-95 Photo of Easter procession at St.Mark's Normandy.
9 31-Mar-95 After four years Guildford B C has now given its support to the village's recreational and community plans for the 22 acre x Manor Fruit Farm. We progress!!!
10 21-Apr-95 The latest plans for homes at Henley Park have been narrowly rejected.
10 . There was a tea party for 100 children (with tables set out in V formation) as part of a week long V E Day celebration
10 05-May-95 David Newman who stood in for one year as chairman of the Parish Council was thanked.
11 27-Oct-95 A fresh attempt has been made for plans for building houses at Henley Park house and mansion.
12 06-Oct-95 Vokes have received a contract worth £80,000 a year to make air filters for BAA until end of 1997
12 16-Jun-95 Residents wishing to sell their mobile homes at Chapel Farm site claim that the owner is insisting they sell to him at a much lower cost than the value off their home.
12 09-Jun-95 David Jones leads Normandy cricketers into the quarter finals and the Flora Doris cup.
12 . A recruitment drive by Guildford West District paid off; 6 leaders and a dozen youngsters showed interest.
13 15-Sep-95 A car ploughed into a garden beside the A324 Pirbright Rd smashing a gas pipe
13 18-Aug-95 The Parish Council will sponsor two leaflets describing walks around the village to be published by the Historians
13 04-Aug-95 Normandy cricketers are the first to win the Surrey Advertiser six-a-side competition.They beat Farncombe in the final.
13 21-Jul-95 Police search a house and dug up a garden in Brookwood in an effort to find clues to mysterious disappearance of 21 years old Andrew Elphick of Glaziers Lane who went missing on August 23rd 1991
13 15-Sep-95 Derelict mansion Henley Park tops the Borough's current list of listed buildings at risk.Amended plan with planners.
14 25-Jul-95 Normandy celebrates V J Day with a barbecue barn dancing and a burning beacon.
15 . The V J Day Souvenir Programme
16 13-Oct-95 The Parish Council has been powerless over the rebuild of The Cottage,Guildford Road by Mr Hedges.
16 13-Oct-95 Mrs Cobley Mayor of Guildford to visit Guildford.
16 24-Nov-95 A 23 has been charged with conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm to Andrew Elphick who disappeared in 1991
17 24-Nov-95 Two of Wyke School's pet lambs were beaten to death.Pupils are devastated.
17 08-Dec-95 After heated discussion among councillors it was decided that the new development off Flexford Rd be called Camden Cl.
18 . He Chem Elhajoui as charged with conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm to Andrew Elphick and put on unconditional bail until March 5th 1996
19 22-Mar-96 A step closer to the Normandy village centre dream.
19 25-Feb-96 Ann Dent receives her MBE from the Queen.
20 12-Apr-96 The story of the British bomber shot down over the Hogs Back on night of 10/3/1941
21 19-Apr-96 Confessions of He Cham Elhajoui at his trial in Guildford which brought to light what happened to Andrew Elphick.
22 07-Jun-96 Cricket looking forward to the quarter finals of the Flora Doris competition.
22 07-Jun-96 Plans to turn land beside Aldershot Rd at Grassypeice Copse into a place where show people store their equipment during winter months have been thrown out
22 23-Aug-96 Wyke School given go-ahead to open the old county wardrobe as an early years centre.
23 . The scout swimming pool has been filled in after 30 years.became difficult to maintain.
23 16-Aug-96 Normandy surgery has been given planning permission to build in the loft space.
24 Aug.1996 Letter from Mr Yeates asking why no speed limit in Glaziers Lane .
24 13-Sep-96 Two portable buildings in office use can stay at Wanborough Station for temporary period of 12 months
24 30-Aug-96 A successful Bank Holiday annual fete was held by Normandy Bowls Club and raised £700.
24 11-Nov-95 Permission has been given to Flow-Line Communications of Alton to site three earth station antennae in Cobbett Hill.
25 11-Oct-96 Plans to fell trees on Parish Council land anger the trustees of the village pond.
25 27-Sep-96 Almost 200 entries in the Gardening Assoc.annual autumn show.(List of award winners)
25 22-Dec-96 Surrey County Council archaeological unit wish to stage a "dig" on site of ex Manor Fruit Farm.Parish Council concern.
26 17-Jan-97 Parish Council is planning a Normandy in Bloom this year.Advice to be asked of Mr Len Dando.
26 17-Jan-97 Normandy Parish Council given a pat on the back by the district auditor after completion of audit of accounts last month.
26 17-Jan-97 Wyke School is to be given £1000 towards making a path within the school perimeter so pupils can reach new part.
26 24-Jan-97 Guildford Borough Council has agreed a grant to be given to Westwood Place for their phased programme for repairs.etc.
27 . Albert Cunningham was one of 10 war veterans invited to a wreath-laying service at the Arc de Triomph to honour Canadian soldiers who died in the war.
27 07-Feb-97 Normandy gypsies convicted for causing pony unnecessary suffering.
29 07-Feb-97 Riding stables have been hit by a spate of thefts.There have been 15 raids in this vicinity.Equipment in excess of £10,000
29 . Normandy has failed in its bid to get through the second stage in a bid for funding from Millennium Commission.The arts and sports committees of the National Lottery Fund will now be tried.
29 28-Mar-97 Horses and their riders benefit from a county safety project.
30 04-Apr-97 Death of Mrs Elsie Roberts aged 95.Lately of Guildford Road.
30 04-Apr-97 £2000 worth of animal medicines stolen from Strawberry Farm,Glaziers Lane.
30 . Glaziers Lane post office set to close on June 3rd.Concern felt as this leaves no post office at Guildford Rd end village.
30 11-Apr-97 The parish thanks its community policeman PC Andy Cameron.
32 11-Apr-97 Don Gray of Beech Lane and a BA captain will run in the Flora London Marathon for Neuro/ibromatosis Society.
32 01-Apr-97 A new mini bus service will soon be available for those unable to use public transport.
33 27-May-97 The Borough (at last) sets a date for Manor Fruit Farm leisure plan hearing.
33 16 & 30/5/97 The crashed get-away car of the raiders who grabbed cash from Glaziers Lane PO and details on Crimewatch
34 . Peter Blakiston re-elected chairman of Parish Council
34 . A dispute over the proposed access to the ex Manor Fruit Farm causes a further delay.
34 06-Jun-97 The Parish council is all set to run its Normandy in Bloom competition.Prizes in the four categories.
35 13-Jun-97 A sub-postmaster is needed in the village also premises from which to operate.Glaziers Lane PO closed after 65 years.
35 18-Jul-97 Hilary Ingle of Normandy has been nominated Poet of the Year1997.She has been invited to read her recently published poem at International Soc.of Poets Convention in Washington.DC on Aug.8th
36 11-Jul-97 Wyke County Primary School has been praised in a newly released report by Ofsted after inspection in May..
36 11-Jul-97 Children of Emmanuel Nursery School learn safety in situ.Best way to cross a road.
36 18-Jul-97 An alsatian needed 30 stitches after having been slashed with a knife near Brook Pond smallholdings
37 25-Aug-97 The results of the Normandy in Bloom competition
37 25-May-97 The parish council has lodged an objection to a commercial business using heavy goods vehicles a Elms Gardens.
38 . Entry at £1.50 per person to eleven Normandy gardens raised £600.
38 . The Nightingale public house has been given the go ahead to build a bigger car park.Space for 14 cars.
39 22-Aug-97 Mike Laws,clerk of the Parish Council is taken on as project co-ordinator for mini leisure centre.
39 15-Jul-97 The death of Mrs Mildred Potter and the cricket clubs famed "tea lady"
39 . Peter Blakiston resigns after two years as the chairman of the parish council.He has been clerk to the council 5 years previously.
39 . The Normandy Therapy Garden has been successful at the 1999 Pride of Place Awards.
41 . Normandy and Pirbright are reacting warily to the council ward and amalgamation proposal
42 24-Oct-97 Owners of Glaziers Lane PO,now closed,have been refused their application to change shop to extra living room.
42 14-Nov-97 Pupils at Wyke School celebrate the launch of their new classroom
42 14-Nov-97 Following a torchlight procession between 700 and 800 people had a splendid evening at the bonfire display at Manor Fruit Farm on November 5th.
43 . Normandy cricket club celebrate being awarded £84,440 by Lottery Sports Fund towards £131,440 needed for extension
43 . Three days of sporting success for Wyke School in football,netball and cross country running
43 23-Jan-98 A disabled woman,Mrs Gravestock died in her blazing car at Henley Park Ranges.An open verdict recorded
44 06-Feb-98 The path from village car park to tennis courts and football pitch to be improved for wheelchairs.
44 . The green light has been given for part of ex Manor Fruit Farm land to be sold for nominal fee to the village hall trustees.The rest to be leased to the parish council for a peppercorn rate
45 . Travelling showmen of Grassypiece Copse have lost their planning appeal to keep fairground equipment and caravans.
46 10-Apr-98 The opening of the new Hyundai Guildford showroom
47 . Vandals disrupted train services by putting a traffic cone on the line which disabled braking system.4 hour delays
47 . There has been a change in venue for council meetings.Now to be held in the Royal British Legion.
48 . The village is to have its own Citizens Advice Bureau in Glaziers Lane surgery.Thursdays from 10.00am to 12.00am.17
48 . Wanborough Great Barn,built in 1388 is open on certain days.Entrance costs £1 per person.
48 24-Apr-98 Plans to improve access to scout HQ, and the village pond from the Guildford Rd.
49 01-May-98 No objections raised to plans put forward to enlarge Wyke County First School.Three classroom block and play area.
49 . .Cheryl Parsons crowned May Queen for 1998
49 08-May-98 Cricket.Div.2. .First matches of the season.Normandy defeated by Send.
49-51 24-Apr-98 Rev.Andy Knowles writing in the parish magazine regarding the film "The Full Monty".(long report)
51 . Normandy Scouts were the winners in a night hike competition in which 30 teams took part.
51 . The parish council have still not decided how the Millennium should be celebrated in Normandy.Village Hall is booked.
51 . Decision on Glaziers Lane PO in a few months.Whether is will become a purely residential building
51 . The Christian Aid fund raising lunch in the village raised £316.
51 . Planners say "no" to work at Middleview and Homestead mobile home parks.
51 05-Jun-98 A decision is sought on the proposed cultural Therapy unit on the former Manor Fruit Farm.
52 . Goats,lambs,white ducks etc were taken to Emmanuel Nursery School from McFarlane Farm.
52 . St.Mark's Church achieved outline planning permission for a new church hall in 1971
53 31-Jul-98 Carol Gasson retired after eight years as Arkela of the 1st Normandy cubs.New Arkela needed.
53,8,9, 10-Jul-98 Tom Mobey of Cobbett Hill caravan site was arrested in a dawn raid.He has been charged with affray and threatening to commit criminal damage.
54 03-Jul-98 The council tells dog breeder that the number of dogs in her premises must be reduced
54 10-Jul-98 Although suffering badly from arthritis the garden of Robert Griggs is certainly one of the best.A number of gardens
54 . Normandy and Wanborough Rural Amenities Group is now defunct.
54 . Cads and lorries are parking in the village car park overnight.Council considering a "height" barrier
55 . The Parish Council are now in a position to present plans for the mini leisure centre.These are now going on display
56 25-Sep-98 News of the planned conversion of Henley Park Mansion.
57 . Dr.Nichols and his wife win a balloon trip in the Normandy gardens afternoon raffle.
57 09-Oct-98 "Our views are being ignored" by Guildford Planners according to the Parish Council.
57 . There were 21 exhibitors at the Normandy & District Autumn Show but few spectators.Trophies presented by Joan Dyson
58 . David Newman, a Lib.Dem.councillor has defied his party and the council to report former mayor Catherine Cobley. to the local ombundsman for misconduct. Mrs Cobley confident of being vindicated.
58 06-Jan-98 Doug Roberts has been honoured by the French Government for his services during the first world war. (report)
58 16-Oct-98 Guildford Borough's political leaders have defended Mrs Cobley
58 . An evening of songs and supper in aid of Therapy Garden resulted in a cheque for £1355.44.
59 18-Dec-98 The theft of 3 wreathes from village war memorial has caused anger.Only one laid by R B L remains
59 . As a fund raiser tea towels commemorating the opening of newly built Fairlands Medical Centre,on sale £3 each
59 08-Jan-99 Thieves targeted village stores and post offices on Boxing Day including Westwood Stores.
59 11-Dec-98 Normandy Store re-opens after being closed for three years.New managers Simon Gardiner and Lindsay Holder.
60 08-Jan-99 Owners of the site known as Whittle Drive have now got mains electricity.
60 26-Mar-99 Council tax increase for Normandy residents.
60 . Illegal dumping of rubbish around football pavilion has cost £80 to remove.
61 05-Feb-99 Planning permission has been given to Rheinhalte Kennels,Pirbright Road with certain restrictions
61 19-Feb-99 A collection of Crown Derby china worth £10,000 was stolen from a mobile home in Normandy
61 05-Mar-99 Electric scooters are to be provided for Canadian war veterans who need them.Albert Cunningham instigator of scheme
61 12-Feb-99 Table of council tax due from households in Guildford Borough for 1999
61 05-Feb-99 The parish council will renew efforts to provide paths for horse riders in the village.
62 05-Mar-99 The director of Sanitrux,the firm who has acquired 80 acres of land at Whipley Farm has declared the land will be farmed
62 05-Mar-99 The showmen/travellers last Tuesday pleaded to be allowed to stay on the land they own on the Aldershot Road.
62 12-May-99 The Tennis Club is opening its courts to the public to help Louise Waddington raise £2,500 she needs to in taking part in climbing Kilimanjaro organised by Sightsavers charity
62 26-Mar-99 Inhabitants of Wanborough are appalled by an application to site a fireworks factory at Homestead Farm.W.Flexford.
63 26-Mar-99 The village pond is in good condition,kept this way by volunteers spending 4 Sundays a year of hard work.
63 02-Apr-99 The problem of flytipping is costing the council £80-100 to remove. Question of mounting security cameras raised.
63 02-Apr-99 Pupils from Wyke School visited a portable planetarium in Guildford.Part of Festival of Science
63 . The provision of a "horse ride" through the village is still in abeyance.It is hoped the Bridleway Assoc.will help with this.
64 . It is feared the increase of tax for Normandy residents might be in region of £25 (due to £400,000 loan for Manor Fruit Farm land) however it will not be as much as this.
64 16-Apr-99 The Therapeutic Garden has received £630 from the Borough council towards cost of equipment.
64 30-Apr-99 Death of Bob Clayton on April 14th.He was Chairman of Talking Newspaper.
64 04-Jan-99 During a power cut the owner of The Moorings in Bailes Lane was attempting to change the cylinder of a camping stove when it caught fire.he was not seriously hurt.
65 30-Apr-99 Countdown to the Guildford Borough Council elections.Profiles of Diana Lockyer-Nibbs (Con) Robert Rendell (Lib Dem)
65 . Vokes redevelopment plan given the go-ahead this week. Present factory to be knocked down and rebuilt.
65 07-May-99 The scheme for Manor Fruit Farm finally given go-ahead after eight years. Much celebration!!!

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