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3 16-Jan-98 Parish councillors back plan to demolish the village hall and build eight new houses.Money from sale will go towards building a new village hall.
4 06-Feb-98 There are fears that villages will lose their green belt status and boundaries altered and lose protection from development.
4 06-Mar-98 Letter from Evelyn Brown concerned that the Borough Council had refused a change of use from post office to residential. This is in connection with Glaziers Lane P O
2 05-Sep-97 Planning permission for an Orange radio base at side of land on A324 at Henley Park has been given.
4 06-Feb-98 Criticism of new Normandy Garage by Mr Peter Padley-Smith
4 03-Apr-98 A call for a bus shelter for Christmas Pie in spite of only one bus a day at this end of the village.
4 03-Apr-98 Complaints continue of ruts in footpaths created by the loggers with their 20ton lorries.Paths to be reinstated.
5 08-May-98 Bridle path decision to be deferred until the management work on the parish woodland is complete.
8 29-May-98 An Open Day at Normandy Tennis Club offered coaching sessions and a free tournament marking the opening of the clubs new court and refurbishment of 2 existing courts
9 . There have been searching questions concerning the mini leisure centre.Layout plans and information at British Legion HQ
10 29-May-99 Work could start on access road and car parks at the leisure centre in August.Finance would be achieved by grants etc.
10 05-Feb-99 With the completion of the woodland management scheme a village bridle path is once more on the agenda.
11 09-Apr-99 The Rev.Pauline Godfrey and her family move into St.Mark's vicarage.
12 13/8 & 27/8 400 fight fire on Ash Ranges from 4p, on Sunday until the early hours of Tuesday morning. (report)
11 21-Jun-05 Fears for wildlife as a result of the fire.
12 . Normandy opens its gardens and hosts Rosemary Vezey broadcaster and lecturer in aid of funds for Therapy garden
12 23-Jul-99 Once more the showmen if Grassypeice Copse have had their site plans rejected although Normandy P C support appl.
13 09-Jul-99 An anonymous letter delivered with newspaper throughout village protesting against continued occupation of showpeople at Grassypeice Copse caused the council to write to the showpeople explaining it was nothing to do with them.The showpeople replied in a letter delivered in the same way putting their case.
13 06-Aug-99 £500 for the garden project.This was an award for the "Pride of Place" scheme
13 05-Nov-99 Christmas Pie W I raised £335 for Chase during a bingo evening at Normandy Cricket Club.
14 Sept.1999 Passengers await the first train to stop at Wanborough Station on a Sunday.Passengers include Mayor of Guildford.
14 15-Oct-99 A visit to the council meeting by district highways engineer Philip Turner produced many questions concerning the notoriously dangerous corner at Willey Green.
14 . Christmas carols will be sung in the British Legion car park on December 22nd.
14 05-Nov-99 The scouts hold a cooking competition which was judged by the District Commissioner Linda Corbin
14 05-Nov-99 An early booking of the village hall in which to celebrate the Millennium, was cancelled through lack of interest.
15 02-Jan-00 The new Millennium was celebrated first by a party in Wyke School followed by a watchnight service in St.Mark's Church
15 10-Jan-00 The village hall claw back clause clarified.
15 28-Jan-00 The vicar of St.Mark's will be splitting her pastoral time between Wyke and Worplesdon from beginning of February
15 03-Mar-00 Mountain bikers to be informed to use the woods,kwownaske "ups and downs" for their sport and not picnic tables and benches as Jumps.
15 03-Mar-00 The council has entered the village in this years Best Kept Village competition.
16 24-Mar-00 Wooden seats at the Normandy pond have been vandalised
16 03-Mar-00 The village car park is being used by Juggernauts and other lorries.Some overnight.Chairman of the Council feels something should be done.
16 10-Mar-00 Normandy Therapy Garden given £2,500 by Tesco.
16 17-Mar-00 Business is no longer viable say Roger and Kay Peck who own the newsagents in Flexford Rd.To become residence.
16 14-Apr-00 The Parish Council to approach county highways regarding the possibility of mini roundabout at junction of Glaziers Lane with Guildford Road.
16 21-Apr-00 The use of parish land by horses and mountain bikes has prompted the parish council to display warning notices.
17 . "From the archives". Wartime workers on Milton's Manor Fruit Farm in 1943. (5 photographs).
17 26-May-00 Albert Cunningham has been elected chairman of the Parish Council.
17 . Normandy Historians receive £1,000 for the publication of their book "A Century of Normandy in Surrey"
18 . Photo of the Millennium Queen this years May Queen, the retiring Queen & May King.
18 19-May-00 St.Mark's Church show some of the embroidered hassocks made by members of the church to mark the Millennium.
19 09-Jun-00 Details of costs for the new leisure centre so far.The states that over the six financial years April1st 1994 to March 31st 2000 a total of £81,785 was spent on setting up costs and including consultancy fees,site surveys etc.
19 28-Jul-00 Obituary of Anthony McSweeney.
19 &20 07-Jul-00 The launch of the Normandy Historians "A Century of Normandy in Surrey"combined with twelve gardens in the village to be opened to the public with free bus service round the village and tea at British Legion H Q.
20 04-Aug-00 A milestone in plan for leisure centre as chairman of the parish council signed the head lease on the 32 acre site.
20 18-Aug-00 Friction between the Parish Council and Therapy garden. An explanation and a cure has been found.
20 . Three benches have been donated to the Therapy garden by McShane Construction,the Halton family and Cornhill Ins.
21 08-Sep-00 A further cheque for Therapy garden of £155, This time from Richard Purcell of Pirbright Rd and Normandy Summer Dance Club.
21 15-Sep-00 The unveiling of the foundation stone of St.Mark's Church Hall by previous vicar.Rev.Andrew Knowles.
21 15-Sep-00 There were 147 entries in the Normandy and District Autumn Show held in Wyke School.
22 03-Nov-00 Emmanuel Nursery School received an excellent report from OFSTED with quality of teaching praised
22 15-Dec-00 The village has added its voice to the clamour against the siting of an incinerator on Slyfield estate.
22 15-Dec-00 Work on the mini leisure centre to start in new year.
22/23 05-Jan-01 Dissatisfaction as result of no action on the asked for speed limits in the village by County Highways Dept.
23 19-Jan-01 U R Church has taken delivery of its new community bus after a year of saving for it.
23 09-Mar-01 An extensive pavilion is planned by Normandy Bowling Club.Cost estimated t £47,000.Fundraising at present £35,000.
23 23-Mar-01 What has happened to the new village hall? Questions being asked.However after many setbacks infrastructure due to start next month
23 30-Mar-01 Letter by the chairman of the trustees of the village hall in reply to the above question.
23 20-Apr-01 Plans of the new village hall to be on display.
24 . The Bishop of Dorking,Rt.Rev.Ian Brackley dedicated the new church hall of St.Mark's.
24 .25/5/2001 General concern at the arrival of travellers at the factory site of BTR Environmental Ltd (ex Vokes).Security stepped up.
25 11-May-01 The tradition continues.Maypole dancing in Normandy.Hannah Thomas is this years May Queen.
25 27-Apr-01 Parish is taking a stand over speed limits through the village after two years pleading with county highways dept
25 06-Jul-01 A bulldozer on site.Work underway on the late Manor Fruit Farm site.
25 06-Jul-01 Normandy will have a Sunday rail service after a campaign by Councillor Diana Lockyer-Nibbs
26 29-Jun-01 Emotions run high as the village challenges the highways officer Philip Turner.80 residents were present.
26 07-Sep-01 After 80 years the old village hall is to be reduced to a pile of rubble to make way for housing.Mini history of the hall and photograph is included.
26 05-Oct-01 A field will be transformed into Normandy's Therapeutic Community garden today by 40 skilled professional landscape gardeners.
27 19-Oct-01 The creating of a "Garden of the Senses" in 48 hours. With photographs.
28 12-Oct-01 The first building arrives on the site of the Therapy Garden.A crane lowers the prefabricated building on the site.
29 26-Oct-01 The disgust shown by Bryan Rodgers who maintains the above building hides his cherished view of the Hogs Back.
29 14-Dec-01 Ten trees planted at Therapy garden were donated by Coblands Nursery at Brookwood and National Tree Council.
30 . General information re.The Garden in About Guildford .Jan.2002
31 08-Feb-02 Photograph of the old village hall being demolished.The cost of the new village hall £500,000 being met by sale of land on which the old hall stood.
32 . The owners of the Homestead and Middle View mobile home sites have been fined for neglect of the site.Fined £7200.

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