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1 03-Dec-93 Chairman of Normandy Parish Council Sheila Kerby has resigned-the second resignation in a year.David Newman to be elected chairman at next council meeting.
1 16-Apr-93 Peter Blakiston is the new Vice Chairman.There is no election as a result of the resignation of Robin Seymour.
1 . The Duke of Normandy pub has closed for six weeks for a £70,000 face lift.
2 14-May-93 The death of former parish chairman Robin Seymour.
2 Dioc.Her. Wanborough celebrated the re-roofing of the church with a Medieval Fair and Pageant
. 01-Jun-93 Day ended with a Thanks-giving Service
2 17-Dec-93 The plan to build 13 detached and terraced houses on an acre of land off Flexford Rd has been turned down.
2 21-May-93 Pressure mounting in Normandy for endorsement of latest proposals for Manor Fruit Farm.
2 . Duke of Normandy reopens after face lift.
3 20-Aug-93 Letter from Mr Emmerson re his poultry farm and complaints he has received from neighbours.
3 27-Jul-93 The Anchor public house has been forced to close for financial reasons.
3 . Treasurer,Samuel Blackwood of Royal British Legion club stole from the club.In nine months the balance of £1400 in the bank was reduced to £6.
4 13-Aug-93 Dr Anthony Hillard retires from Fairlands/Worplesdon practice after 34 years in the village
4 19-Nov-93 There is to be a 3 day public enquiry into unlawful activities at Strawberry Farm
5 05-Nov-93 One resident complains and there is a disagreement between Borough & Parish councils.Normandy bonfire cancelled
5 17-Dec-93 NADS play,a comedy "Kindly Leave the Stage" is described as "confusing"
5 05-Nov-93 The Charity Commission on ruling re the proposed rebuilding of the village hall on Manor Fruit Farm
5 08-Oct-93 Bonfire route agreed using the right of way from Glaziers Lane near doctors surgery and across Manor Fruit Farm site.
6 19-Nov-93 Photo of John Baker, the artist with a historical panel painted by him with pupils Wyke School.Panel presented to school.
6 15-Apr-94 Organised by Normandy Historians village folk will be "beating the bounds" thus Sunday.An ancient boundary stone at Little Flexford will be re-instated.
6 08-Apr-94 Headmistress Miss Patricia Burrows retires to get married after 23 years at Wyke County Primary School
7 11-Mar-94 Wanborough Parish Council is accused of having a vendetta against Mr Barry Gardiner as he fought Guildford Borough Council order to remove his mobile home from his Wanborough farm.
7 08-Apr-94 Barry Gardiner wins his battle and is allowed to keep his home on West Flexford Lane farm. See conditions.
7 06-May-94 Normandy residents bang asked to adopt a footpath.
7 10-Jun-94 The Anchor public house has re-opened after nine months when the previous landlord went into liquidation.New landlord is Mr Andy Hayes.
8 29-Apr-94 A 50 year wedding celebration for Dick and Doreen Halton.They met in wartime when he was foreman and she landgirl at Manor Fruit Farm.
8 10-Jun-94 Bob Hammond was latest Surrey Advertiser Classified stars winner.He won a mountain bike.
8 10-Sep-94 Entries down but craft classes proved popular at Normandy & District Gardening Association.
8 11-Nov-94 Plans for the 32 acre site at Manor Fruit Farm is to go before the Boroughs policy and resources committee.
9 6th May Ambitious plans for Manor Fruit Farm site unveiled by the parish council.
9 16-Sep-94 Fruit Farm site plans on view.
9 ? Will there be a bonfire in the village this year?. Last years was cancelled at the last minute.
9 29-Apr-94 Floodlights and a portable cabin are to be removed at Wykehurst Garage
9 25-Nov-94 Letter from Dennis Hoppe of Aldershot in his quest of finding out more of a Halifax bomber shot down by "friendly" fire.on the night of March 10th 1941 somewhere in Normandy.
9 09-Jul-94 An application for 15 houses with 13 parking places on land at rear of Elmerdene and Halam off Flexford Rd This has outraged neighbours.
10 11-Jan-94 George Henry Leach dies aged 91 of Tongham.He was awarded the George Medal with his friend George Frederick Keen.
10 19-Jul-94 The Normandy British Legion is battling on after losing its bar licence and a drop in membership.
10 21-Oct-94 The Cricket club has been presented with an oak bench.The prize for considered best kept cricket ground in 1994 Best Kept Village competition.
10 21-Oct-94 Normandy once more beating the bounds. This time on the western side, also a demonstration of hedge laying.
10 23-Oct-94 150 villagers inspect draft plans for Manor Fruit Farm and give it the thumbs up,
10 21-Oct-94 Burglars admitting to four of the 14 burglaries in Normandy this years have been caught
10 09-Dec-94 There is a dispute concerning footpath 356 between the County Council and Normandy Parish Council
10 09-Dec-94 It seems residents are dumping garden waste on common land and in ditches.
10 06-Oct-95 Normandy Historians had their request for £55 granted to produce a leaflet n walks around the village.Request for a second leaflet turned down.
11 Dec.1994 The Parish Council is asking the borough to make up its mind re Manor Fruit Farm site after a U-turn .
12 18-Jul-95 A new member questioned the Parish Council's decision to change the prayer at the beginning of council meetings It was .agreed the new arrangement be continued. Statement followed.
12 06-Oct-95 The plans for the new hall are making slow progress and worries people of Normandy.Whether one or three buildings.
12 06-Oct-95 Normandy celebrates V J day 50 years on with a barbecue ,barn dancing and a burning beacon.
12 18-Aug-95 Parish Council has agreed to donate £100 toward a scheme to site a mobile police van in the village once a week.
13 21-Jul-95 How best to meet the housing needs of young and old in Normandy.(2 letters).1.Doug Backhurst.2.David Newman
13 14-Jul-95 Letter from Sydney Foster(Parish Councillor) Site of old village hall not suitable for elderly in Normandy.
13 04-Aug-95 Plan for V J commemorations has been drawn up.A barbecue,lighting a beacon,barndance and prayers for peace.
13 . The Emmanuel Nursery School is fighting to survive.Number of children attending reduced from 24 to 12.£500 needed.
13 07-Apr-95 The Chairman of the Council is finding it difficult to arrange parochial charities.Difficulty in finding who needs help.
14 . Normandy Emmanuel Church celebrates its 170 anniversary in the village also Rev.Ray Whittle's 50 years as minister.Also presentation by Bert Cole of history of the church from the beginnings in Willey Green.
14 01-Aug-95 Guides of 1st Normandy achieve their cyclist badges.
14 04-Aug-95 Letter of David Newman critical of Sydney Foster with an Editors footnote.that there would be no more correspondence between these two letter writers in the SA.
14 30-Jun-95 Funeral of Pat Plumley when St.Mark's church overflowed with mourners.An account of many things she was involved with in the village.
15 . End of an era.The last of the Coussmaker estate,once 350 acres has been sold off.
15 14-Apr-95 Wyke School's donkey leads the Palm Sunday procession into church.
15 12-Jul-96 Introductory speed controls in the village cost £800.Has been agreed by the council.
15 19-Jul-96 Three consultants have been approached to handle proposed development of former Manor Fruit Farm.
16 07-Apr-95 Over 60's party had a wartime theme.People attending asked to wear their medals.Molly Llanwarne only women who acquired hers in the WRAF. Many men had rows of medals.
16 12-Jul-96 Normandy continues to request a Surrey postal address for the whole village.Rejected by Royal Mail.
16 07-Jul-96 The chairman of the Parish Council has given assurance that the people of Normandy will be consulted before decision re financing any development on former Manor Fruit Farm.
16 16-Aug-96 Glaziers Lane Surgery has been granted planning consent to provide two rooms in loft space.
17 11-Oct-96 Plans to fell trees by the Parish Council on Council owned land cause delay to the trustees of the village pond.
17 16-Aug-96 The Normandy Scout swimming pool after 30 years has been filled in.
17 12-Jul-96 Invited by the council authority to suggest village footpaths which could be improved by surface draining.Parish Council has selected three priority areas.
17 17-Oct-96 Fear of travellers putting their vans on ex Manor Fruit Farm have caused Parish Council to put posts and padlocks on both entrances.
18 01-Nov-96 Millennium cash plea for the new village hall has passed its first hurdle.
18 10-May-96 East Wyke Farm offered for sale with guide price of £1-1.1 million
18 01-Nov-96 Burglar arrested after burglaries in Glaziers Lane
19 19/7 & 7/6 The tenth anniversary of the village pond is celebrated.
19 . Writing in the parish magazine Rev.Andrew Knowles gives a fascinating glimpse of life 150 years ago.
. Feb.1996 The occasion is celebrating 150th anniversary of St.Mark's Church.
20 10-May-96 Mayor of Guildford Mrs Catherine Cobley makes second visit to Normandy.
20 14-Jun-96 After 30 years service Hilda Noldart retired from staff of Normandy Garage.Their gift a holiday in Scotland.
20 26-Jul-96 St.Mark's Church staged a successful flower festival as part of 150 years anniversary celebration.
18 16-Aug-96 Wyke School is given go-ahead to open an early years centre in ex county wardrobe building on schools site
18 11-Feb-96 a barn in Bailes Lane belonging to Mr J Ford is to be allowed to be used to store seasonal decorations.
21 01-Mar-96 Mr & Mrs Shorter were presented with a clock on their retirement.They kept the village newsagents for last 10 years.
21 26/1/& 23/3 Ex manor Fruit Farm plans progress
21 19-Apr-96 Letter from Dennis Hoppe thanking those who helped in establishing where Halifax bomber crashed in 1941
21 25-Oct-96 The cigarette lighter found in the wreckage of the Halifax bomber crashing in 1941 has been restored by Ronson and returned to the family of the owner who was killed in the crashes.
22 11-Oct-96 The trustees of Normandy village hall are accusing the Parish Council of blocking its plans for houses on the hall site
22 29-Nov-96 A group of Normandy residents confronted parish council at the last meeting, angry over tree felling on village land.
22 20-Dec-96 The congregation marks the 150 years of St.Mark's Church,Wyke.Rev Andy Knowles plants an acer.
23 07-Jan-97 Parish Council is told that the scheme for a leisure centre etc.may have to be put on hold as archaeologists may need to excavate the site.There is a worry as to who has to pay and how long it will take.
23 07-Jan-97 Wyke School is to receive a grant of £1000 to build a pathway from the main building to nearby established early learning centre in the old county wardrobe.
23 17-Jan-97 The district auditor has given Parish Council a pat on the back after completion of the audit of accounts last month.
24 17-Jan-97 Normandy wants to be "in bloom" and is planning a competition in various categories .Advice given by Mr Len Dando. Guildford manager of parks
24 14-Mar-97 Normandy fails to get through stage 2 in order to receive funding from the Millennium Fund.The Parish Council will now try the arts and sports committees of the National Lottery Fund/County Council/Guildford BC Village Hall schemes
24 07-Mar-97 The Parish Council has decided to be firm and insist that its planning application for ex Manor Fruit Farm goes to the council's planning committee for determination as it stands.
25 02-May-97 The Borough Council planning committee sets a date for determining the planning application.May 27th
25 27-Jun-97 Normandy's planning application 96/V/1066 has been approved by Guildford Borough Councils planning committee.
25 11-Apr-97 Chairman of the Parish Council Peter Blakiston pays tribute to our community policeman Andy Cameron and the organisers of a number of schemes taking place successfully in the village.
25 11-Apr-97 Confirmation of the closure of Glaziers Lane post office on June by Mr and Mrs Keen for last 15 years
25 18-Apr-97 And a letter from a resident of Flexford Rd.criticising the way the Post Office is generally unhelpful to small sub post offices such as Normandy's.
26 30-Jun-97 The showmen of Grassypeice Copse put their case for winter quarters led by Mr Gary Whittle.
26 26-Jun-97 A letter from a resident of Ash Green concerning the "blatant obstruction" of a footpath,which runs from Ash Station to Wyke Lane (No.356) It is obstructed by 2 40 gallon oil drums filled with cement.
26 30-Jun-97 Normandy jubilant as the Leisure Centre gets the o.k.Chairman of Parish Council Peter Blakiston sitting in the gallery

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