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1 23-Jun-05 Herald April, Bishop of Dorking, Rt.Rev. Ian Brackley dedicated St Mark's new Church hall.
1 20-Apr-01 The Therapy Garden has been given tools by the Oakleaf Enterprises of Guildford. Also photo page 3.
1 06-Apr-01 Les Maynard of Bailes Lane collapsed at the annual over 60's party & later died. He was in his 70's.
1 20-Apr-01 Plans for Normandy replacement village hall are to be put on show next week.
2 13-Apr-01 The new footbridge over the railway at Wanborough Station is too colourful say residents.
2 27-Apr-01 Nurse Helen Fox will speak at the annual meeting of Fairlands & Normandy patient group. Speaking on general sexual matters.
2 27-Apr-01 It seems likely that School Lane will achieve a speed limit.
2 27-Apr-01 The Parish Council is making a stand against County Highways Dept: with regard to speed limit through village.
3 04-May-01 Normandy cricket with skipper Simpson is now "looking up". They are now in the first division.
3 04-May-01 Three Doctors of Fairlands Practice have been sued for negligence by Mother of Steven Juliff now aged 10. Case continues.
4 11-May-01 Normandy children maypole dancing watched by this years May Queen, Hannah Thomas.
4 08-Jun-01 D.O.E. has turned down a bid by G.B.C. for a grant to provide a fenced children's play area at Cobbetts Hill gipsy site.
4 11-May-01 The Parish Council has given St Mark's Church a grant of £1,000 towards cost of footpath between Church & Church hall.
4 11-May-01 After much negotiating, contractors Allenbuild South East have moved onto former Manor Fruit Farm site to begin work.
5 11-May-01 Romano-Celtic ruins near Wanborough is to become a "scheduled site" making it a punishable crime for looters to steal artefacts. Photo of some of the findings.
6 25-May-01 A "blip" on the Manor Fruit Farm site. A query as to the depths of the road & the equipment has moved on.
6 25-May-01 Security has been stepped up at Normandy factory of BTR Environmental Ltd following influx of travellers.It is understood that travellers are on their way to Epsom for the Derby.
7 25-May-01 The three Fairlands Doctors have been cleared of negligence in the case of Stephen Juliff.
7 25-May-01 Albert Cunningham & John Milne have been re-elected Chairman & Vice Chairman of the Parish Council.
7 26-Jun-01 Row at May meeting of Parish Council. Held 1 week early, 3 days notice insufficient. Normandy will not enter Normandy in Bloom competition.
7 22-Jun-01 Christian Aid week with £1,937 raised & charity lunch with Speaker from H.Q. also plant & bric-a-brac stall. Total raised £2,608.40
7 06-Jul-01 It depends on how well used the Sunday train service between Wanborough & Guildford is used as to whether it becomes permanent.
7 26-Jun-01 The Roman Catholic Churches of Holy Angels, Ash & St Mary's Normandy are holding a Summer fair on July 14.
7 22-Jun-01 Mystery in Bailes Lane when huge ball of concrete which identified path know as Sandy Lane moved during night then disappeared altogether
8 22-Jun-01 Issue 8, June 2001 of The Villager.
9 22-Jun-01 The old village hall goes on the market.
9 08-Jun-01 Row over Consultants fees for Manor Fruit Farm Leisure centre. At Public session Councillors were attacked for excessive amount of £120,000
9 03-Jul-01 Highways officer Philip Turner bombarded with questions about highway problems at P. C.meeting. Asked for list of complaints.
9 03-Jul-01 Concern over 13 allotments in village & the cost of maintaining them. Only 7 allotment tenants at present.
10 17-Jul-01 The Queen Anne wing of Westwood Place for sale at £595,000.
10 24-Jul-01 Philip Turner, County Highways Dept: warns residents not to expect too much if action regarding speed restrictions, broken pavements etc:
10 24-Jul-01 Possibility of Normandy having a CCTV camera. Some areas were receiving funding for cameras.
10 24-Jul-01 Gareth Brook of Bailes Lane has begun a 2 year mission for the Church of Latter Day Saints. He will join the Edinburgh Mission.
11 07-Sep-01 Our 80 year old village hall is about to be bulldozed to a pile of rubble. History of hall given.
11 28-Sep-01 Louise Waddington, sixth former at George Abbot School, taught for 3 1/2 weeks at Manzezulu, South Africa.
12 28-Sep-01 Guildford Heritage & Environment Awards. The "new building" joint winner was the new hall for St Mark's Church. Picture p.15.
13 05-Oct-01 Dr Frances Howard as consultant paediatrician to "make-a-wish" Foundation was thanked by the chairman at a ceremony in London.
13 05-Oct-01 The sum of £20,000 to be split between local charities was raised by 550 riders from Surrey & surrounding Counties at sponsored ride.
13 05-Oct-01 Robert Rendell took P.C. to task over their objection to his application to site high steel "daddy longlegs" on land adjoining Normandy.
13 05-Oct-01 There is fear that the site of the old Manor Fruit Farm might be inundated with uninvited travellers.
13 05-Oct-01 There is to be a two day make-over to make a Community Therapy Garden by 40 skilled Landscapers. Garden worth £50,000 is being donated by British Association of Landscape Industries.
13 05-Oct-01 Plans to build a mobile phone mast in Normandy have been rejected.
14 02-Nov-01 A very well respected Ann Dent M.B.E. aged 80 has retired from the staff of the Surrey Advertiser after nearly 40 years of Journalism.
14 02-Nov-01 The firm Sound Advice is to install security cameras on the village mini leisure centre.
14 02-Nov-01 The gypsy site at Cobbetts Hill Road is to be refurbished.
16 . The Villager Issue 2 2002 & Issue 3 2002
17 . Pastoral Assistants, including Carole Gasson during a recent Commissioning Service.
18 05-Oct-01 Photo of ex pupils of Pewley School Guildford who attended a reunion. Most it seemed, had not seen each other for 50 years.
18 16-Nov-01 Travellers were pleased to learn that they are to be given a further five months at their site in Whittles Drive, Normandy.
18 14-Dec-01 Celebrations of National Tree week at the Therapy Garden.
19 10-Oct-01 Arrival of the Therapy Garden modular building. A 50 ft crane was needed.
19 26-Oct-01 A resident objects to the Therapy Garden building, considering it a "blot on the landscape".
20 19-Oct-01 The transformation of a fruit field into a £50,000 therapy park in 48 hours.
20 30-Dec-01 Pupils at Wyke School have been busy fundraising for NSPCC & have raised over £1,000.
21 14-Dec-01 A former Normandy postman was sentenced to six months in jail for stealing mail.
21 08-Feb-02 The Regency wing of Westwood Place for sale. £650,000.
21 08-Feb-02 The old village hall is demolished.
23 08-Feb-02 The Villager with a plan of the new village hall.
24 15-Feb-02 The owners of Homestead & Middle View residential mobile home site have been fined £7,200 for keeping sites in dangerous condition.
25 22-Mar-02 Notice of the death of Tom Turner on 14 March 2002 at Atkinson Morley Hospital.
25 24-May-02 Public meetings throughout Borough to be attended by local representatives on the Council, Police & Health Officials. For Normandy, Pirbright & Worplesdon on May 27th at Fairlands Community Centre.
26 24-May-02 Programme details for Normandy's celebrations of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee on Sunday & Monday, 2 & 3 of June.
27 19-Jul-02 Cricket. Normandy were defeated by Walton last week & by Broadwater this week. Their lead has slipped to just six points.
27 19-Jul-02 A 15 year old Normandy boy is accused of raping a girl. The case will be heard at Guildford Magistrates Court.
28 19-Jul-02 Cricket. Normandy beat Farncombe by 25 runs to win the Flora Doris Cup. They last won in 1982.
28 01-Aug-02 Twelve Normandy gardens were open for viewing, the centrepiece being the new garden of the senses in the Therapy Garden.
29 08-Oct-02 Warnings have been given by the police of thousands of pounds of riding tack that has been stolen. Large farms & stables targeted.
29 25-Oct-02 A request from K A Lamont of Normandy History Society for information concerning certain people named on the War Memorial.
30 20-Sep-02 In spite of being diagnosed as having Parkinson's disease, Gillian Howarth runs her own business as an IT teacher for older people.

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