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Newspaper Scrap-Book
Book 11
(06/04/1973 to 16/06/1973)


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3 6-Apr-73 The marketing of organic produce was the subject of a talk given by Mr Hugh Coates of the Oxford Soil Association.
3 11-Apr-73 A request for a footpath in Hunts Hill was made by Douglas Backhurst at the Parish Council meeting.
7 13-Apr-73 J B Priestley's "An Inspector Calls" is the NADS latest play.
8 21-Apr-73 A sudden increase of caravans stretched out along the Hogs Back,26 in all,near the Puttenham Underpass is concerning people in the area and presenting Surrey County Council with a problem.
8 21-Apr-73 Lisa Connisbee, aged 9 of Elm Hill is May Queen for 1973
9 21-Apr-73 The plans for a new church hall for St.Marks have been dropped.Instead improvements will be made to the church room.
10 21-Apr-73 Work on the car park at the junction of Hunts Hill and Guildford Rd will begin soon.Legalities still under negotiation.
10 21-Apr-73 A wine circle will be launched in Normandy,meeting monthly.Mr Douglas Eaton has got together interested villagers.
10 21-Apr-73 A police motorcyclist was injured in an accident on the Guildford Rd, Normandy.
10 21-Apr-73 The "Play Area" petition signed by 45 residents against the siting of the area off Flexford Road.was premature.
11   A tree has been given to the village by the Soil Assoc.and the Parish Council have decided beside the new car park would be a good place for it.
13 4-May-73 This years Carnival Fete has been dropped through lack of support.
13 4-May-73 Miss Audrey Olley gave a commentary and slide show show her visit to Afghanistan and Kashmir to St.Marks Wives Group.
14 4-May-73 Children carry on the May Day tradition.This years May Queen was crowned in the village hall with maypole dancing.
17   Mr Barker chairman of the local Soil Asoc.declared that the local branch was in need of more members.
17 18-May-73 The Army are planning to use the old radio station at the top of Cobbetts Hill and have put in a planning application.
20 25-May-73 First Normandy Scouts have had a disappointing year according to the Group Scout Leader,Mr Godfrey Watson. Also the swimming pool update has been aborted as the firm responsible has gone into liquidation.
21 1-Jun-73 The Parish Council has been informed by the Surrey County Council of the decision of Surrey S\W Div.Planning grant planning permission for the county council of establish a gyosy caravan site at Clasford Bridge.
22   Normandy has to elect one member to the new Guildford District Council
25 20-Jun-73 Results of Guildford District Council election.Mr A Cook elected 499 votes as.P Dyson 344 votes.
24 16-Jun-73 Allotments in Westwood Lane are a probability

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