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Newspaper Scrap-Book
Book 10
(22/09/1972 to 30/03/1973)



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1 29-Sep-72 Villagers were asked at the Parish Council meeting to report any street lights not working. Eight of 48 notworking.
1 29-Sep-72 There is a plea to support and save Normandy Festival.This is in the hands of 10 members of the village.
1 29-Sep-72 A "Round Britain"qChurch quiz was held by the Normandy Congregational Church at their Harvest Festival supper.
2 12-Sep-72 Parish Council dilemma. Where to site a seat for the elderly.There are complaints from residents from both sites suggested. The top of Orchard Close and junction of Westwood Lane
2 29-Sep-72 The body of Harold Church ws found by police in woods near hs home. He had been missing for some days.
2 29-Sep-72 The request for a post box to serve elderly residents of Szarbo Crescent has been refused by the post office.
4 6-Oct-72 The Harvest Supper at St.Marks was of turkey and enjoyed by 150 people.
3 6-Oct-72 There have been 4 "Jalopy" race meetings in Normandy held on land belonging to Mr & Mrs Gus Krawczyk. A petition with 40 signatures has been sent to tParish Council.Organisers Tongham Motor Club will move.
9 27-Sep-72 The hunt met and was welcomed by Miss Toulmin at Marriners Drive. This was Bisley and Sandhurst Hunt.
9 27-Oct-72 A new licence was issued for Chapel Farm Caravan site relating to water supply, drainage & space between vans
11 3-Nov-72 The request for double white lines on A 323 Guildford Rd at crossing of Glaziers Lane refused by County Div.Surveyor
11 3-Nov-72 Drinking of alcahol in the Normandy Village Hall was forbidden by a clause in the trust deeds.This is now permitted.
12 3-Nov-72 Parish Council has backed the bid on behalf of residents to stop "Jalopy" racing in a meadow in Normandy. This has been held by Tongham Motor Club and owner of field Mr Gus Krawczyk.
16 24-Nov-72 NADS latest play was "The Man with a load of Mischief"
1-Dec-72 The Parish Council has received a request from 14 villagers for allotments.
19 1-Dec-72 Volunteers have been putting new life into the village festival. (it had been touch and go) as to whether it would take place.
19 1-Dec-72 Good news for the car park proposed for the corner of Guildford Rd & Hunts Hill. It is scheduled for 1973-74 at cost £15000.
22 8-Dec-72 Mrs Pauline Hall of Fiddlers Hall has been appointed the first women chairman of Industrial Life Offices Assoc.Executive in the Guildford,Woking,Aldershot and Camberley District
24 22-Dec-72 A Christmas Fair organised by Normandy Youth Club raised £160 for club funds.
26 5-Jan-73 Mr Peter Blakiston of Bailes Lane has written to the Parish Council voicing his concern over the proposal to establish a gipsy caravan site at Cobbetts Hill.There is considerable concern from neighbouring groups
27 5-Jan-73 Permission has been given by the Rural Council for the first stages of the village car park.Parking for 40 cars.
32 26-Jan-73 An extension to the club house of the British Legion set to go ahead.The cost of £5000.
32 26-Jan-73 The guildes and brownies of the village gave an afternoon of entertainment to 20 mentally handicapped children from .Botley Park. This was their annual good turn.
34 2-Feb-73 The Parish Council are still trying to find a site for a childrens play area in Flexford,Christmas Pie end of village.
34 7-Feb-73 A site for allotments has been found in an acre of land formerly used for sewage disposal in Westwood Lane.
34 7-Feb-73 Another complaint about road hazards at Westwood Lane railway arch.Suggestion of traffic lights has been refused.
35 9-Feb-73 "Athousand Years of History" is a production to be staged on the chancel steps of St.Marks Church on Friday. Geoff Thompson is presenting this "study in kingship".
37 16-Feb-73 NADS production "Breath of Spring" by Peter Coke was a refreshing fast moving comedy.
37 16-Feb-73 The Normandy British Legion hosted the semi-finals of South Eastern Region Snooker Competition last week.
38 16-Feb-73 First formed in 1931 the first Normandy Guide Company has been without a colour, however one has been given and blessed at St.Marks Church recently.
  24-Feb-73 Mr John Tew retires after eight years as chairman of Normandy Conservatives.Mr Peter Padley-Smith takes over.
42 2-Mar-73 Work will soon begin on the village car park.Tenders have been invited.All that remains are legal formalities.
49 28-Mar-73 Miss Audrey Olley of Dardoni,Glaziers Lane has returned from a months camping in the remotest part of Etheopia.
50 28-Mar-73 Mr A A Cook chairman of Guildford Rural District Council speaking at the annual Parish Council meeting said that the retention of parish councils in local government reorganisation was something parishes should be pleased about.

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