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THE GREAT WAR More on The Great War
During the 19th and 20th centuries this country has been involved in many conflicts both large and small but apart from the indirect effect on development of the area following the Crimean War, the first conflict that we have found to have had a noticeable impact on the life of the village, was World War I.

SECOND WORLD WAR More on The Second World War
In twenty short years an even greater and more widespread conflict would bring devastation on a far greater scale. The horrors of war would be visited on the civilian population of this country as never before. When, on 3 September 1939, the tired voice of Neville Chamberlain gave his sombre message to the Nation of the Declaration of War against Nazi Germany, few anticipated the desperate struggle which was to follow. The Second World War was to have different effects on the village to that of the first conflict. The death toll was not so great in proportion but even so, 23 men from the village lost their lives. The men served in all three services and they were joined by a number of women.

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