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Book 4
(28/11/1969 to 03/07/1970)



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1 28-Nov-69 A letter from the Homestead Mobile homes Res.Assoc. has been sent to MP mr Cranley Onslow from 90% of residents regarding rent increases
1 28-Nov-69 After three years street lighting is about to be switched on in the village. The Parish Council has agreed use of the recreation ground for the Normandy Festival on June 5th, 6th, 7th 1970 Police have agreed to give attention to the exceeding of the 40 mph on the A323 Guildford Rd to Aldershot
2 05-Dec-69 There has been a substantial increase in the profits of the Ex-Servicemans Social Club.making a new clubhouse a possibility.
2 05-Dec-69 The Young Conservatives had a debate on Monday entitled " Born to Lose".
4 19-Dec-69 Normandy Brownies helped by Scouts,St.Marks Fellowship and church choir fo perform a play "The Newborn King"
5 24-Dec-69 Sitting on a bale of hay on a lorry provided by Mr C.Backhurst 24 members of Festival Assoc.toured village carol singing.
6 02-Jan-70 There is controversity between Parish Council and the R B L regarding telephone pipes to be used in the village village and have been dumped on land belonging to the British Legion.
7 01-Jan-70 There were 130 guests at the annual over-sixties party on Saturday.
8 30-Jan-70 This years Normandy Festival will hav e "Man on the Moon" theme incorporated in the procession.
8 23-Jan-70 Mr Charles (Paddy) Johnstone died last Monday at age of 70 at The Oaks, Pirbright.One time owner of the Anchor Garage and former T T motor cycle champion.
9 14-Feb-70 A recently published book "A Time to Love and a Time to Die" by Prince Leopol Loewenstein is the story of the authors life with his wife Diana Leowenstein
10 20-Feb-70 The guides of 1st Normandy Company raised £22 from a jumble sale on Saturday.
10 20-Feb-70 A coffee morning raised £21 for Save the Children and earmarked for Nigeria.
11 27-Feb-70 The Carnival procession will revert to the old route-assembling in Bailes Lane
11 27-Feb-70 There are complaints over the village lighting system.A letter is to be sent to the Electricity Board.
11 27-Feb-70 Permission has been given to Mr Parsons Westwood Farm to erectg building to be used as indoor riding school.
? 06-Mar-70 Lady Baden Powell visited 1st Normandy Brownie-Guides as part of their "Thinking Day" observance.
13 13-Mar-70 Mrs Grove of Glaziers Lane os organising "sew-ins" to be held twice a month
14 27-Mar-70 Major James More-Molyneaux of Loseley Park give a talk to the Soil Association.
14 27-Mar-70 Gillian Viles aged 11 is to bethe 1970 May Queen..Pamela Kirtley as her deputy
14 03-Apr-70 Normandy Spring Fair raised £60, organised by the Festival Committee.
15 03-Apr-70 The Football Club has offered to extend the recreation ground by full clearing the adjacent land. A full report.
15 03-Apr-70 The Cricket Club held its traditional Easter Bonnet parade on Sunday morning on the cricket ground.
15 03-Apr-70 A Wyke Avenue resident has complained about having to look out on derelect cars and such like. Street lights have already been tampered with.and shades turned round
15 03-Apr-70 A map of the local footpaths is to be displayed in the village when the Parish Council have obtained one.
16 17-Apr-70 Sarah Bryants (16) of Culls Road is to be this years Festival Queen.
17 17-Apr-70 Plans revised for new church room.Permission to use end of churchyard for car parking sought.Too damp for burials
17 17-Apr-70 Autumn Show of Normandy & District Gardening Assoc. had 470 entries. Highest of recent years.
18 22-Apr-70 "By Land Rover to beaufiful Kattmandu" an account of Miss Audrey Olley's 3 1/2 month trip to India and Nelap.
20 02-May-70 The Parish Council has been shown the plans of the proposed village car park from Mr Snape,Guildford Rural Council.
20 02-May-70 The Public Loan Works Board has notified the Council that the loan of £3273.00 for street lighting scheme is available
21 02-May-70 For the first time the church of St.Marks had a woman in the pulpit when Sister Carol Graham from Farncombe Ecumenical Community preached.
21 02-May-70 The collection of old newspapers is a fund raising scheme for the Scouts.
22 08-May-70 Barry Gardiner (24) of Homestead,Pong Hill has gained his pilots licence at Fairoaks aerodrome last week. Following his mothers footsteps who flew in Civil Air Guard during ssecond world war.
23 08-May-70 The council are to challenge electricity bill for the repair of two street lights in Glaziers Lane believed to have been damaged by overloaded hay lorries.
25 22-May-70 For some time N A D S has felt the necessity of having a building to store props,scenery and costumes. Trustees of the village hall committee have agreed in principal to the erecton of a building for this purpose on the east side of the village hall.
26 29-May-70 The triangle of grassland in Hunts Hill Rd near Manor House has been a problem and it has been decided to plant trees. to prevent people crossing it.
27 29-May-70 The Parish Council recently challenged the electricity board over £11 bill.
28 05-Jun-70 There were a good number of entries and high standard at Normandy Riding Club gymkhana last Sunday.
29 12-Jun-70 Normandy "orbited" this weekend with theme\"Space".
30 19-Jun-70 "Dads Army" The Normandy British Legion was invited to play cricket on Friday evening to open 1970 Festival.
31 26-Jun-70 St.Marks Youth Fellowship formed a year ago has proved successful.
? 03-Jul-70 Funeral of Sir Edwin Logie Morris aged 81, of Westwood Place took place yesterday.

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