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Newspaper Scrap-Book
Book 21
(20/04/2001 to 20/08/2002)



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1 ?2005 The Surrey & N. Hants Business news extra issue 9 reports 1st personal liquor licence has been awarded to Duke of Normandy.
1 24-Jun-05 Current advertisement for Duke of Normandy
2 30-Sep-05 Wedding of Nicki Glassup & Andy Blanchard at St Mark's Church.
2 07-Oct-05 The unveiling of twelve new eco homes in Manor Farm Close. Set up by Greenwich Housing Association, provide housing for locals to rent.
3 18-Nov-05 Autumn League Bowls results.
3 16-Dec-05 Floral Show in Normandy organised by the Aldershot Floral Design Club.
3 01-Nov-05 Photo of Wyke School, class of 2005.
4 25-Nov-05 Two Guildford boys reach Boxing National Golden Belt quarter finals.
4 16-Dec-05 Pinewood store in Ash has had its alcohol licence rejected after previous conviction & fines for selling alcohol to under age youths.
5 16-Dec-05 Formation of Action Group by Normandy residents to try to halt growth of "waste mountain" on Strawberry Farm green waste site.
6 23-Dec-05 Death of Margaret Milton aged 94 on 15 December, of Normandy & Rowledge. Widow of John Milton.
6 13-Jan-06 Notice by the Council prohibiting heavy commercial vehicles of weight exceeding 7.5 tonnes, from using Hunts Hill & School Lane.
6 13-Jan-06 Travellers living on Green Belt land in Normandy have won their appeal & been given temporary planning permission of 3 years subject to conditions.
6 20-Jan-06 A fifty year old photo of scouts of 1st Normandy showing off the Harvey Totem Pole which they had just won.
7 27-Jan-06 Seafare celebrates its 25th birthday with free fish & chips.
7 27-Jan-06 Car park proposals concerning Littlemead turned down once more.
7 10-Feb-06 Notice of making an order concerning public footpath No: 375 from its junction with Flexford Road.
8 03-Feb-06 Isolated locations, homes set back from roads & houses with no numbers all affect ambulance response times. In a bid to tackle the problem a Neighbourhood First Responder Scheme is to be set up. Volunteers asked to sign up in Normandy.
8 24-Feb-06 Michael Laws, former Normandy Parish Clerk, admitted taking £69,000 from council between 2001 & 2003, at Guildford Crown Court. Parish Council is considering taking a civil action against him.
9 31-Mar-06 Artists impression of the new clubhouse for the Community Therapy Garden.
9 21-Sep-06 St Mark's Church Hall shared top place in the Guildford Heritage & Environment Awards with Arbour Cottages in Compton.
10 21-Sep-06 An article by Derek "George" Crooke about growing up on his Grandparents farm - Passengers Farm SA 10 March 1906.
11 07-Apr-06 The Subravaniam brothers who run Pinewood Post Office & stores in Ash have had their appeal turned down. Future now in doubt.
12 07-Apr-06 Michael Laws, ex Normandy Parish Clerk who stole £68,000 from the council has been jailed for 18 months.
13 28-Apr-06 Run jointly by Surrey Ambulance & St John Ambulance, the neighbourhood First Responder Scheme is to be launched in Normandy.
13 21-Apr-06 Photographs of a railway enthusiasts "special" tearing through Normandy on January 3 1965 & a Locomotive Club railtour at Wanborough.
13 05-May-06 Cricket. Normandy runners up in the Premier Division last Summer. Captain David Jones expects a tough challenge.
14 05-May-06 As a result of pressure fro residents, the Environment Agency have instructed sub contractors Pathfinder to cease the blending of green waste & soil at Strawberry Farm, & have ordered stockpiles of green waste to be processed or removed by July 14.
15 12-May-06 Cricket. Surrey Championship Premier Division. Normandy v Esher. Normandy were narrowly defeated.
15 26-May-06 Surrey Championship Premier. Normandy v Sutton. A win to Sutton.
16 19-May-06 Cricket. Guildford v Normandy. Win for Guildford by 6 wickets with 11 balls to spare.
17 02-Jun-06 Ruth Corless aged 11 crowned Queen of the May.
17 02-Jun-06 Funded by environmental group the SITA trust, £22.500 invested to enhance local meadows owned by SCC, managed by Sy Wildlife Trust.
18 09-Jun-06 Cricket. Weybridge v Normandy. A win for Normandy.
18 16-Jun-06 Cricket. The Shepherd Neame 20/20 Cup 2nd round. Normandy lost to Guildford.
18 16-Jun-06 The Normandy Therapy Garden, which opened 3 years ago, will open its doors to the public on Sunday.
19 16-Jun-06 The Thameswey Players performed Abigail's Party in the village hall.
19 23-Jun-06 Cricket. Normandy v Farnham. Result was a draw.
20 23-Jun-06 Outstanding achievement by Michael Aaronson who was awarded a CBE & has been appointed a Knight's Bachelor in Queen's Honours list.
20 23-Jun-06 Cricket. Flora Doris Cup 2nd round win for Normandy A v Pyrford. Win for Normandy.
21 30-Jun-06 Shepherd Neame Surrey Championship. Esher v Normandy. Win for Normandy.
21 30-Jun-06 Cricket. Malden W v Normandy. Malden the bottom side in the Premier Division beat Normandy by one run.

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