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Book 2
(14/7/1967 to 13/9/1968)



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1 14-Jul-67 Miss Judith Mitchell gives her first cello recital atGirls County Grammar School.
1 21-Jul-67 Graham Kenneth Hawkett was inducted vicar of St.Marks Church by Bishop of Guildford last Monday
1 21-Jul-67 The annual Guildford & District swimming gala was held at Normandy pool
2 11-Aug-67 Fred Whitney displays the 9lb.cod he landed at an all night Fish at Hayling Island beach last Saturday night
2 11-Aug-67 Miss Margaret Clegg retires after nearly 21 years at Wyke Primary School as deputy headmistress.
3 11-Aug-67 Normandy Village Hall is given £300 by Mrs Dorothy Steers,Chairman of the Festival Comm.A further amount to be given
4 08-Sep-67 Further £200 was handed ot to Village Hall committee by Festival Assoc.
4 08-Sep-67 Is Normandy the most progressive village in the Aldershot area?.Social life certainly is'nt dead.30 different organisations.
4 08-Sep-67 Normandy Scouts camp in Wales this year.Joint camp with 1st Compton Scouts
6 08-Sep-67 Retiring chairman of R.B.L.said at the A.G.M.that £500 had been put into a ddeposit account for building fund.
7 01-Sep-67 St.Marks Youth Club need more space.The main village hall only available one Friday each month.Other meetings held in a small back room.
8 ? 140 attend St.Marks Harvest Festival Supper.Guests from Congregational & Roman Catholic
8 ? The son of Mrs F.Kraweczyk Staff Sgt.j Krawezyk is wounded in Vietnam.He left Normandy 4 years ago to join U.S.Army
8 ? A new minister Rev.Derek Wensley is inducted to the pastorates of Westborough and Normandy Congegational Churchs
8 ? Jumble Sale organised by the Cricket Club raised £65 last Saturday.
8 ? A new minister Rev.Derek Wensley is inducted to the pastorates of Westborough and Normandy Congegational Churchs
9 ? If a genuine tramp had invaded the Normandy Cricket Clubhouse during the Tramp Supper he would have gone undetected
9 ? Retiring chairman of R.B.L.said at the A.G.M.that £500 had been put into a ddeposit account for building fund.
10 03-Nov-67 64 year old Mr Stanley Gray postmaster at Westwood Lane P.O. was suspicious when man came in and wanted to change three postal orders for £14.18s.A man will appear in court.
10 03-Nov-67 Mr Cranley Onslow M.P. for Woing opened Michaelmas Fair organised by Normandy Ladies Circle.
11 17-Nov-67 Normandy had a record Poppy Day collection of £184.18s 2d
11 24-Nov-67 Col.Lewis of Little Orchard,Flexford Rd.has been invested with the C.B.E.
11 24-Nov-67 Normandy Amateur Dramatic Soc.have excelled with production of "Devil May Care".
12 24-Nov-67 Normandy Venture Scout Michael Cheeseman was presented with the Queens Scout Badge last Saturday
12 24-Nov-67 Mrs Kathleen Gardiner,owneer of Westwood Farm is joining forces with Major Bragbrooke of Cranleigh in the formation of a new political party and hopes to contest Woking seat.Party to be known as "The Country Party".
12 24-Nov-67 Normandy children see Charlie Chaplin and received a present from Father Christmas at a party organised by the Festival Committee.
12 ? Mrs K Spratley gave chase to a man with her broom,caught him by the coat before police arrested him. This after Mr Stranley Gray became suspicious after man tried to cash 3 postal orders at Westwood Lane P.O.
14 29-Dec-67 There was a unique snooker match last Saturday when contestants were father & daughter. Major H H Kitchen and Mrs Shirley Greaves.
15 ? The NADS held a Christmas Social in the village hall last week.Ash Players were guests.
15 ? Many of the items at the annual Christmas Concert given by the 130 pupils of Wyke County Primary School came from childrens original ideas,Cycling Proficiency badges were presented during the afternoon.
16 19-Jan-68 The Festival Assoc. organised a New Year dance in the village hall.Music by "Three in Combo"
17 19-Jan-68 A version of the television game "Call My Bluff" was part of the entertainment at the Normandy W I New Year party
18 26-Jan-68 The dangerous state of the recently reconstructed Glaziers Lane bridge over the railway is a worry to residents.
19 26-Jan-68 3 heifers and 3 calves were stolen from Westwood Farm,Normandy from the yard belonging to Mrs K Gardiner
19 01-Jan-68 The latest play by NADS " Under The Sycamore Tree" was set in an ant's nest.
19 ? Many Normandy residents were upset by the planning application to develop 94 acres of land north of the railway line and between Glaziers Lane and Westwood Lane.
19 ? The first open meeting to launch The Country Party was held in the village hall.
20 23-Feb-68 There are plans for a summer revue in May in the village hall after a good response from last years "Music Hall".
20 23-Feb-68 Poppy Day organiser Mrs Llillian Govey has been awarded a gold brooch
20 23-Feb-68 For the first time in several years a woman has been elected to the Parish Council. She is Mrs Irene Egglestone
21 01-Mar-68 Mr C Tansley of Bailes Lane has written to the Council to complain of the unkempt state of the Guildford end of Bailes Lane.
22 01-Mar-68 The railway bridge in Glaziers Lane and the hazards attached to it have not been solved.The County Valuer has been trying to reach an agreement with British Rail.
22 08-Mar-68 The Dept of Education and Science has approved a grant of £ the 1st Normandy Scouts towards new headquarters
23 22-Mar-68 Four new Normandy Village Hall trustees have been appointed.
23 13-Mar-68 An agreement has been reached between the County Council & British Rail regarding the proposed widening of the embankment and the road at the railway bridge in Glaziers Lane.
24 05-Apr-68 Christmas Pie residents want a 'pub' .Planning application has been refused on corner of Westwood Lane & Flexford Rd
24 05-Apr-68 The questtion of the postal address of the western end of the village was raised by mfr Paul Dyson.
25 26-Apr-68 Miss Audrey Olley is off to Lapland with twelve others.
25 26-Apr-68 Dennis Smith of Ash is placed second overall in the Islos motorcross.
26 29-Mar-68 The churchroom is too small and hampers activity.There are 42 children who attend Sunday School.
26 29-Mar-68 The reasons for the refusal for a public house to be built at the junction of Westwood Lanae and Flexford Road.
26 29-Mar-68 Mr A A Cook produced a photo which he said was historic.Taken in 1911 it included two councillors from Normandy. It was entitled "Ash Parish Council".Eventually known as "Ash & Normandy Parish Council".Discussion where to keep it.
27 3//5/1968 "Semi Detached" NADS produced much laughter and enjoyment last week.
28 10-May-68 Carol Gardiner of Great Westwood Farm was crowned Festival Queen.
28 ? There are to be more attractions than ever at this years Normandy Festival to be opened by actress Irene Handl.
29 17-May-68 Margaret Bowgen is the 10th Normandy May Queen.
30 31-May-68 "Somethings Up" the Festival Assoc.presentation of their revue went without a hitch.
30 31-May-68 The lighting scheme delay has been concerning the Parish Council.
31 ? Miss Audrey Olley is back from her trip to Lapland where with 10 others she accompanied a Lap family otheir annual trek of herding reindeer.
33 28-Jun-68 Normandy/Ash confusion.Green Lane runs from one to the other.Now to be named Green Lane East in the parish of Normandy and Green Lane west in the parish of Ash.
33 28-Jun-68 Normandy wants to extend the speed limit on A323 to include Willey Green and Bailes Lane corner.
33 12-Jul-68 On Saturday 60 children from St.Marks Church Sunday School were taken to Chessington Zoo.
34 12-Jul-68 Accent on youth at St.Marks Church on Sunday.Members of the Guides,Scouts,Youth Club,Young Conservatives and Youth Fellowship filled the church.
34 12-Jul-68 From the several hundred balloons launched at the Festival last month 24 have been returned.Two from Italy 10 France
34 12-Jul-68 Normandy W I members write their own sketches.
34 ? Members of the Young Conservatives have been collecting the completed questionaires distributed in the village concerning possible future development in Normandy.
36 ? A resident of Culls Rd has written to the Parish Council complaining of the neglected state of the derelect chapel on the corner of Glaziers Lane & Guildford Rd.
37 09-Aug-68 The Normandy British Legion entertained 55 people,members of the Hounslow branch of Old Contemptibles and families.
37 09-Aug-68 Normandy Hall Management Comm.have sidcussed the problem of whether to continue renovating the present building .A new hall would costs £30,000.
38 23-Aug-68 Twelve elderly people were entertained at the house of Mrs Kirkpatrick of Guildford Rd.They were from Marylebone.
38 23-Aug-68 End of Normandy landmark.The Methodist Chapel at the corner of Glaziers Lane & Guildford Rd is being demolished.
38 30-Aug-68 Drving a herd of cattle along Guildford Rd.during weekend traffic is no mean feat .Mr Hughie Brown did this on Saturday afternoon with the help of one man & two youths from Wood St to West Flexford Farm.12 heifers had strayed across fields. To round them up.It took 6 hours
38 30-Aug-68 A garden party in the grounds of St.Marks Vicarage made £70 for "Feed the Minds".
38 ? Four firsts anad two trophies were carried off by Mr Dennis Smith of Ash at the 11th Ka Bornebusch
39 13-Sep-68 Mr Jim Marshall of Glaziers Lane was winner of the premium award at the Normandy Gardening Ass.The silver challenge cup for vegetables was won by Mr W Olley
40 ? The last three Fesstivals have raised £1230.
40 20-Sep-68 The Donkey Derby held on the recreation ground organised by the Festival Comm.raised about £50.
40 13-Sep-68 Another trophy has been added to his growing collection by Mr Dennis Smith at St.Catherine near Rouen at an international motor-cross organised by Normandie Motor Cycle Club.

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