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Newspaper Scrap-Book
Book 13
(07/09/1973 to 22/03/1974)



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1   Enrolment may be made at Normandy Village Hall on Sept12th for day classes to be held later this year for various subjects also evening classes. A postal system for enrolment to be encouraged.
3   Full results of the 1973 Normandy & District Gardening Assoc.Autumn Show.
3   A fundraising effort on behalf of St.Marks reaped a profit of £230 towards extension of church hall.A garden party held
3   The first Normandy Scouts have won the Guildford & District Scout Swimming Cup.
3   The 2nd Normandy Brownies formed just over a year ago have had their first Pack Holiday at Littleton Youth Hostel.
4   The first Normandy Scouts have just returned froma ten day camp in Holland
4   Mr & Mrs Bryan Van Zyl of Westwood Lane leave to take up an appointment with the Liberian Government
7   The fate of Normandy Festival hangs in the balance. It depends on number of people to help.Decision on Oct.26th 1973
8   Normandy Wine Circle formed a few months ago has just enrolled it's 50th member.
8   Mrs Jill Day of Glaziers Lane had organised Normandy's entry in the Best Kept Village
11 5-Oct-73 Mrs Joan Dyson was presented with a cut glass bowl at St.Marks Harvest Festival supper after 30 years as Sunday School teacher. Her successor is Mrs Betty Helm.
14 5-Oct-73 The funeral of Major K Windsor-Brown of Ash Trees,Green Lane took place last week.
15 12-Oct-73 Mr Jim Boyd has maintained the village footpaths for the last eight years.He has told the parish council he can no longer do this. A letter of appreciation is to be sent to him
16 12-Oct-73 The Scout swimming pool is at present undergoing renovations but become the target of vandals.
23 2-Nov-73 Mr Fred Johnson of Szarbo Crescent has had his prize chrysanthiums deliberatly cut in his green house.
23 2-Nov-73 Unlit street lights are causing trouble to Normanady Parish Council.
27   The NADS play, a victorian comedy was "Angels in Love".
30&34 30-Nov-73 Two trees will be planted in Normandy in support of "Plant a Tree in 73'"
30 30-Nov-73 Mr Frederick Young of Westwood Lane died last Monday.He had lived in Normandy for 50 years. The provision and instalation of a seat at the junction of Westwood Lane & Flexford Rd at a cost of £40.15 plus vat
30 30-Nov-73 The childrens play area on the Wanborough side of Flexford Rd has had planning permisson turned down by Guildford Rural District Council.
32 14-Dec-73 Due to lack of volunteers to form a Festival Committee the fate of the Normandy Festival is now in the hands of the Village Hall Management Committee.
34 21-Dec-73 NADS enjoyed their annual supper followed by a one-act play by Checkov and dancing.
34 21-Dec-73 The Christmas Pie W I planted a tree at the junction of Westwood Lane with Green Lane.Part of the "Plant a Tree in 73"
36 2-Jan-74 A stray pony belonging to Mrs Johnston who owns Normandy Riding Club has had to be destroyed after being hit by a car.
38 18-Jan-74 A complaint has been made to the Parish Council with regards to the height of kerbstones
    at the junction of Westwood Lane and Flexford Road.These will be lowered.
38 18-Jan-74 The Parish Council has accepted an estimate of £130 for survey to be carried out on 10 acres of parish council land on the west side of Hunts Hill between the stream and cinder path.
38 18-Jan-74 The Parish Council have agreed to make a grant of £75 toward maintenance of St.Marks churchyards.
39 25-Jan-74 The first dance of the year for Normandy Old Time Dance Club.
39 25-Jan-74 Normandy Guides wishing to do something to help the community are cleaing litter in the village.
39 25-Jan-74 Wyke First School pupils have set themselve a target to raise £250 towards the cost of a guilde dog for the Asociation for the Blind
40 25-Jan-74 History was maade in the tiny 12C Anglican Church of St.Bartholomew,Wanborough last Sunday when the Roman Catholic Mass was celebrated there for the first time since the Reformation-400 years. (report)
41 18-Feb-74 "Enter a Free Man" was the NADS play for Fenruary 1974.
41   Over sixties annual party in Normandy had a record number of guests - 170.
42 1-Feb-74 Normandy Wine Circle were given an interesting talk on Cooking with Wine.
43 7-Feb-74 Normandy now has a car park at the corner of Guildford Rd and Hunts Hill.Concern over parking in Glaziers Lane.
46 27-Feb-74 Mrs Daisy Florence Foot aged 84 died in her mobile home at The Homestead caravan park,Normandy.She died from carbon monoxide poisoning and extensive burns.
46 22-Feb-74 Mr Cranley Onslow,M P for Woking 35 people in Wyke School and answered questions.
47 22-Feb-74 Canals, past present and future was the subject of a talk given by Mirs Dodowell to members of Wyke & Normandy WI The NSPCC is the chosen charity for 1974.
48 8-Mar-74 A public telephone box has been asked for to be sited at Wanborough Sation approach.Residents in Pinewood area of Normandy have asked for a notice board.
49 31-Mar-74 The retirement of the Sales Manager of Vokes Ltd for the past 20 years.Lieut.Comdr.Bill Ray took place last Friday. Next day he was entertained to lunch by Mr Ringe managing director.

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