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From time to time we receive requests from researchers of family history for information about past family connections with Normandy. To help us in that quest we are given information of the respective ancestors and although this on its own has little satisfaction, collectively it could be beneficial to other family history researchers. We are, therefore, collating this dictionary of family names together with some family trees. The format will be similar to that shown below and each entry is subject to being made only with the full knowledge and co-operation of the informant. However, Normandy Historians accept no responsibility for the correctness of any entry.

If you have any more information on any of the e-mails or family trees please contact us by clicking the reference number or e-mail (with the reference number please) and I will hand your comments on to the sender. Also, please let me know if the relevant information may be added.

Family Trees
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Dictionary of Family Names and Connections.

Dolley, James and Rosanna, formerly of Dolleys Hill, died and were buried at Wyke on 3 Jan 1905 and 27 Jan 1912 respectively, great-great grandparents of Ruth (nee Dolley). James was a sexton at Wyke and his son Daniel was sexton between 1880 and 1900. Daniel's wife Elizabeth was buried at Wyke on 27 Jul 1933. Mary Ann TRUSSLER (nee Dolley) is buried at grid reference B2 in the old churchyard Informant: Ruth (nee DOLLEY).

Ref: R041005

Collyer, Frances, born 1883 in Normandy, was the daughter of William Collyer (1832-1903) and his wife Mary, nee Bowler (1854-1910). William was buried on 10th Jan., 1903 at St. Mark's Church, Wyke. He was resident at Dolley's Hill at the time of his death. Frances' siblings were Ann or Emma b. 1872, Louisa b. 1875, Kate b. 1877, Arthur b. 1879, Albert Edward b. 1885, Elizabeth b. 1888, Ellen b. 1890, Ethel b. 1892 and Sidney b. 1895. Frances Collyer married Herbert Head on 5th Aug., 1905 at St. Mark's Church, Wyke. Their children were Dorothy May b. 1906, Alice Mary b. 1907, Winifred Louise b. 1908, Edward Herbert b. 1917 and William Frederick b. 1920.
Informant: Susan (nee Ford)

Ref: R070422

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