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A Normandy Telephone Directory, 1930 - 38
Telephone (Type 200) from the 1930's General Post Office

Normandy   Ash Vale   Puttenham   Worplesdon

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1 Henry Mills, sub-postmaster. Post Office, Station Road. [Then in the 1950s - 2101]
2 Colonel Lannoy J Coussmaker. Westwood. [Then 2102]
3 Thos Buckton & Son then GF Chambers. Wyke Cross Farm/North Wyke Farm.
9 The Manor House. Edward Shaw Hose.
10 Frederick Hawkins, butchers. (Preston House, Station Road). [Then 2110]
11 WJ Henry then EH Worster, grocers. (Normandy Stores, Guildford Road). [Then 2121]
13 Thomas James, motor engineer. (Normandy Garage, Guildford Road). [Then 3113]
14 Mrs J Smith, wardrobe dealer. (Park View, Willey Green).
15 AH Wiltshire, nurseryman & seedsman. Lynthorne, Guildford Road.
16 Manor Fruit Farms Ltd.
18 Richard Bosley, coal dealer. Mount Pleasant, Pirbright Road.
19 Arthur George Oldershaw, builder. Argwean, Flexford.
20 Albert Chant, haulage contractor. (Whitchurt, Guildford Road).
29 Cleygate Garage, WL Yorke, proprietor. (Wykehurst Garage). [Then 2328]
33 Arthur Danns, then Constance Hubback Como (now Mariners), boarding kennels.
35 Charles Cull, builder, Flexford Road. [Then 2135]
41 AP Bevan, nurseryman. The Elms Gardens, Station Road.
42 John Horne, motor car hire. Coorabelle, Station Road.
43 Captain Arthur Peters Westwood Farm, . (From 1930-34)
44 Brian M Goddard Wyke Lodge, Guildford Road. (in 1934 - then see Normandy 69)
47 Misses Deedman, cowkeepers. Fairview, Guildford Road.
66 Rev. Ernest Logan Hunter Wyke Vicarage. (in 1934 - then see Normandy 148)
69 Herbert S Richmond Wyke Lodge, Guildford Road. (formerly Normandy 44)
74 Barry James.Coal dealer, Station yard. [Then 3174]
78 Joseph Mathieson, newsagent (Flexford Newsagent), Flexford Road. [Then 3178]
82 DF Christie, Wanborough Stores, Station Road. (Formerly Puttenham 57) [Then 3182]
85 DP Bishop, manager.SCATS, Station yard.
97 George Williams, snack bar 15 Guildford Road. (Café at Wykehurst garage).
99 Alfred Paice, Corner shop grocers, Station Road, Flexford [Then 2199]
106 Mrs Florence May Carpenter, baker. (Motorbike shop, Guildford Road). [Then 3388]
110 Marshall, market gardener, Guildford Road. (Formerly Ash Vale 68x1)
111 Red Leys poultry farm, Station Road. (Formerly Ash Vale 68y2)
112 Mr Palmer, Briarpatch, Station Road. (Formerly Ash Vale 68x3) [Then 3112]
121 Celine’s drapers, Mr & Mrs Merrett. (High Trees, Station Road, Flexford). [Then 2241]
148 Rev Canon Charles J Tapsfield Wyke Vicarage. (formerly Normandy 66) [Then 3148]
183 George Cooper, farmer Westwood Farm, . (In 1938)

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4 then 3201 Sir Philip G Henriques. Normandy Park.
7 then 3285 RJ Wallace then Capt WMW Thorn. Fox Lodge, Guildford Road, Pinewoods.
9 then 3209 John F Johnson. Woodlands.
13 then 2213 James Neave. Elstowe, Guildford Road, Pinewoods.
42 EW Gray, family butcher. (Butchers, Westwood Lane).
44 then 2244 William & Albert Woods, builders. The Firs, Pirbright Road.
53 then 3253 Sherwood brothers, farmers. East Wyke Farm.
66 then 2266 Major H Darby. Orchardene, Normandy.
68x1 Stephen Marshall & sons, market gardeners, Guildford Rd. (then Normandy 110)
68x2 then 3268 Bide & sons nursery, Guildford Road.
68x3 Mr Palmer. Briarpatch, Station Road. (Subsequently Normandy 112)
68y2 Red Leys poultry farm, Station Road. (Subsequently Normandy 111)
83 Alan Littleboy, Thames Conservancy inspector. Oakdene, Guildford Road.
107 then 2107 Alfred Joseph Instone. Burley, Guildford Road, Pinewoods.
2202 Sidney Rickwood, butcher. (Chinese takeaway, Guildford Rd, Pinewoods).
2286 Celia’s Refreshment Rooms, Guildford Road (Pinewoods).
3256 Arthur Bennett. Pinewoods P.O.,
3269 2 The Oaks, Pirbright Road.

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57 James brothers, grocers. (Wanborough Stores). (Subsequently Normandy 82).

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91 E Ramsay Moodie and John Petrie, farm bailiff to Mr. Moodie. Henley Park.

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