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Thomas Osgood
(1856 - 1950)

The first record we have is from the 1881 Census when Thomas Osgood was living at Vine Farm, a smallholding of just over two acres in Pirbright Road, Normandy, with his wife Mary and his daughter Lillie as a tenant of Mrs. Elizabeth Collyer. He was described as a "Dealer'. He was the Brother-in-Law of William Deedman of Fairview Farm in Normandy.

In 1882 he was a tenant of land at Shawfields owned by Robert Madgwick. By 1895 he had bought this land. He was still living at Vine Farm as a tenant in 1884 but he later bought it and The Glen, another smallholding of about four acres, also in Pirbright Road.

By 1891 Thomas Osgood had bought another smallholding of just under an acre with two single storey semi-detached cottages called "Spring Cottages (Now Numbered 10 and 11 Pirbright Road). He sold this smallholding, Vine Farm and The Glen to Lord Pirbright in 1896.

By 1891 Thomas Osgood and his family had moved to Shawfields, where they occupied a bungalow on the corner of Shawfields Lane with Shawfields Road. He later left the bungalow and went to live in a house in College Road, Ash. This house was called "Normandy House" and still goes by that name. Also, he owned a bungalow in the same road.

Thomas Osgood
Thomas Osgood

Over the years he acquired more and more property. In 1910 he is shown as the owner of two semi-detached cottages called "Osborne Cottages" now known as "Normandy Hill Cottage"", Normandy Common Lane. Also, he owned Osgood Cottages at Ash Wharf and is said to have been the owner of fields where Ash Hill Estate is today. In 1934 he bought No.1 "The Oaks" in Pirbright Road and retained the ownership until his death in 1950 He kept cows at Shawfields and an old friend of mine remembers fetching milk from him in a jug. Thomas did his rounds in a pony and trap.

"The Oaks", Pirbright Road
No.1 and 2
"The Oaks"
in Pirbright Road

His only son Thomas William was killed in 1916 aged 31 years and Mary, Thomas Senior's wife, died in 1933 aged 80 years. Thomas Senior died on 18 June 1950 aged 94 years. The family grave is in Ash Cemetery near the former chapel.

Jack Kinder

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