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Red Leys Remembered
by Akin Egbedi (Jamaica)
Akin Egbedi
Akin Egbedi (aka) Raymond Smith, 53 years

Akin Egbedi (aka) Raymond Smith, 53 years of age and living in Jamaica writes:

I am one of those fortunate people to have been raised by Mummy Martin and "Parkie" for the best part of my childhood. I went to Red Leys in 1963 and for eleven years it was my home and the only place that I truly felt a sense of belonging. It was a sad day in my life when "Parkie" died. I went to Wyke School and was a regular attendee at St Marks' Church.

I have for the past 35 years visited Normandy many times and on one occasion met some wonderful people in the old Sunday school site. They were having some sort of function. I bought some cake and had a cup of tea. On more recent visits I met with the lady Vicar and her daughter.

I still return to the UK from time to time and I would be only too delighted to hear from anyone who, like me, found a new life at Red Leys. Once again and for a few hours I walk through the fields, down the lanes to Christmas Pie and see the bluebell woods, tracing all the former places I have known and appreciated when living in Normandy.

April 2012

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