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"Norman" from the Normandy Historian's book "A Century of Normandy in Surrey"

The logo of the Society, now affectionately known as "Norman", was used during 1991 in the preparation work for the Wanborough Station Centenary Celebration held in September of that year. Although never officially adopted, "Norman", a much-admired addition to the title of the Society's on its letter heading and literature has remained ever since. He is, of course, a caricature of a warrior, holding his shield of defence in what is normally considered to be the fighting hand, and dressing (a military term) to the left, which again is contrary to normal military drill! He is, however, symbolic of all Local Study Groups, in that he is the Defender of the past and Herald of the future.(Photo Mark Bond)

Weathervane on the new Normandy Village Hall

The Open Meetings of the Society are held in the new Normandy Village Hall, on the roof of which proudly stands "Norman", modelled on the Logo of this Society albeit that his function is as a weathervane pointing into the direction "from which the wind cometh". The weathervane was the brainchild of Christine Wilks, the wife of the designer of the hall and one of our members

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