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The Pirbright Tomb

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The Pirbright Tomb
in Antiquities and Peculiarities of Normandy
CONSTANCE VON ALVENSLEBEN, born 28th April 1875, died 10th October 1963.
BARON WERNER VON ALVENSLEBEN, born 27th July 1912, died 1st July 1989.
PRINCESS JOHN ZU LOEWENSTEIN, nee Henriette Jost, born 16th January 1908, died 15th September 1986.
PRINCE LEOPOLD LOEWENSTEIN, born 13th March 1903, died 6th September 1974.
DIANE MARIA FAITH, Princess of Loewenstein Wertheim, born 18th December 1921, died 1st April 1967. Died, as she lived, in the Radiance of the Spirit.

"In the centre are the Arms of Lord Pirbright surrounded by a laurel garland and separated from the inscriptions by festooned ribbands and pomegranates.
West End of Top
“The Right Honourable, Henry, Baron Pirbright of Pirbright in the County of Surrey, PC, DL, JP, FRS, etc., etc. Born 20th October 1840. Died 9th January 1903.”
East End of Top
“Sarah, wife of Henry, Baron Pirbright of Pirbright, Daughter of Sir.B S Phillips. A Lady of Grace of St. John of Jerusalem. Died 26th November 1914.”"
South Panel
“Here lies all that is mortal of a man whose rare gifts of intellect cultivated to the highest were combined with warmth and largeness of heart that delighted in doing good, in thinking for others and in ministering bountifully of his means towards lightening the trials of the poor. He was endeared to his friends not more by the brilliancy of his gifts than by the breadth of his sympathies and the largeness of his views. All that devoted love could do he did to make life happy to her who consecrates this tablet to his memory. May his name be blessed.
Sarah Pirbright”"
North Panel
“Educated at King’s College, London (Fellow 1863 taking the highest honours of his year) called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1863, Member of Parliament for Greenwich 1880-85 and for Liverpool (East Toxteth) 1885-95. Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade 1885-86,88 (carrying the Merchandise Marks and the Railway Rates Acts and other useful measures through the House of Commons). Under Secretary of State for the Colonies 1888-92. British Plenipotentiary and President of the International Conference on Sugar Bounties 1888. Created a Privy Councillor 1889. Raised to the Peerage 1895. Member of the Royal Commission of the Patriotic Fund. President of the League of Mercy. Author of several scientific and political works. The Earth and its Mechanism, England’s Policy in the East, The Austro-Hungarian Empire, Memoirs of Count Beust, etc. “"
West Panel blank
East Panel
"A Baronial coronet and under
Sexu Femina Ingenio Vir"

Around the tomb, on the steps, are placed at intervals inscribed tablets, commemorating relatives of Lord Pirbright, who are buried nearby, as follows
East Side
"Constance von Alvensleben
Born 28th April 1875. Died 10th October 1963"
North Side
"Baron Werner von Alvensleben
Born 27-VII-1912. Died 1-VII-1989
Princess John zu Loewenstein, née Henriette Jost
Born 16-1-1908 Died 15-9-1986"
South Side
"Prince Leopold Loewenstein
Born 13-3-1903. Died 6-9-1974"
West Side
"Diana Maria Faith
Princess of Loewenstein Wertheim
Born 18th December 1921. Died 1st April 1967
Died as She lived in the Radiance of the Spirit."
Location H/J 1
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