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You can download and fill in these Excel files to make your own Family Trees
Family Trees
All family trees here are in Microsoft Excel format, you can download the templates here:-
Family Tree Template (with One Worksheet) - family_tree_template.xls (30kb)
Family Tree Template (with Five Worksheet) - family_tree_template5.xls (47kb)
Index Page
Remember to add some note to the "Index" page to give an over view of your Family Tree.
You can add a hyperlink to a new worksheet in the left cell that opens a new worksheet to go back another five generations, remember to add the return link. (We have kept it to five generations so it can be printed on one sheet of A4).
If you know more on a name you can add a comment to that cell
To see a Comment.
If a Cell has a red corner move you mouse over it for more information on that person. You can also click "View" and then "Comments" to see all Comments.
To add (or edit) a Comment.
Right click and click Insert Comment (or Edit Comment)
Note: If adding a Comment to a "Hyperlinked" cell remember you will need to add it to the new worksheet as well.

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