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A Century of Normandy in Surrey
Please note the following corrections and additions to 'A Century of Normandy in Surrey', published 2000 by Normandy Historians.

Inside front cover:
Delete 'the late' before Captain Tony McSweeney.

p.5 Acknowledgements:
Replace "the late Charles and Irene Crooke" with "Charles and the late Irene Crooke".

p.9 Photo Credits: Replace "Aldershot and District Interest Group" with "Aldershot and District Bus Interest Group".

p.18, first paragraph, penultimate line: Delete "Eliza Bray," (because Eliza Bray was land agent for William Hammersley Esq of Ash and had significant landholdings).

p.23, first paragraph, at end: Replace "his two daughters Bessie May and Elizabeth Jane" with "his three daughters Bessie May, Emily Jane and Nellie".

p.23, second paragraph, at end: Replace "reversible plough" with "anti-balance plough".

p.30, third paragraph, line 11: Replace "threshing drums" with "binder".

p.30, penultimate paragraph, line 5<: Replace "In 1941 the Government commissioned a National Land Survey for farms over 5 acres." with "In 1940 the Government commissioned a National Land Survey for farms over 5 acres. A preliminary survey was performed in 1940-41, and the full survey took place in 1941-43."

p.31, paragraph 4, line 4: Replace "David Richards kept pigs" with "David (Jim) Richards kept pigs".

Plate 1, the Picture that started it all. In the caption, line 2, add after "bench in the foreground" - "with her sister Lilian, about 1916".

Plate 20, Staff at Wanborough Station. In the caption, line 2, replace "three of them are holding shunting poles" with "the man standing on the left is holding a shunting pole and the two on the right are each holding a flag, one probably red the other green".

Plate 24, Rolph's Store. In the caption, line 4, replace "his wife Kate" with "his wife Ruth".

Plate 32. Replace the first line of the caption with: "Machinists at Vokes at Henley Park making filters out of gauze and steel mesh in the early 1950s. They are part of the sewing machine section of the Filter Element Manufacturing Department, in one of the old factory sheds which was called Multi-V. The woman at the front is called Frankie and the fourth woman is Ellen Warby. Ellen worked at Vokes for 32 years but only worked on that particular job for about a week, when the photo happened to be taken.".

Plate 35, Normandy Football Club 1925-26. At the right-hand end of the back row, replace "unknown" with "Benjamin Boyer".

Plate 36, Maypole Dancing. Add the following names to the caption: "The boy on the extreme left is Gerry Avenall. The boy front left with white shorts is Frank Chant. The boy front right of the Maypole with white shoes is Ray Tyrell.".

Plate 40, The 1st Normandy Brownie Guides. In caption, amend Vivian Van't Riet to Vivien Van't Riet.

Plate 49, St Mark's Church Choir. In the caption, middle row, replace "Unknown" by "Jack Niblet?" and replace "Charles Cottrell" with "Ted Cottrell". Replace the Front Row completely with the following: "John Andrews, Ken Andrews (cousins), Bob Pooley, Charles Cottrell, Albert Sweet.".

Plate 54, Normandy ARP Wardens. In 'Back Row L-R' replace the fifth name from 'unknown' to 'Bert Douglas Young'.

Plate 56, Combined Normandy and Wood Street Home Guard. In 'Front Row L-R' replace the first "unknown" with "Tom White" and replace the second "unknown" with "William John Woodcock".

Plate 60, 'Dickie' Durbridge. Please replace the entire caption with the following:

60. Albert Edward Durbridge (1884-1967).

He was a carpenter and joiner by trade and is remembered as being a colourful character, known to his family as Ted and to his work colleagues as Bill.

From about 1924 to 1927, the family had the Normandy village grocery, bakery and newsagency (now the Motorcycle shop) which was called The Crib then and was run by him and his wife Rosa Marie.

It was a huge family and he had 19 children; 7 by Rosa and 12 by his second wife Ellen. There was at least one child in every class in the village school.

Subsequently they moved to Westwood Lane where he had bought a plot of land and built a new home called "The Rest" opposite the garage near the bottom of the hill. When the Normandy and Wanborough District Social Club at the top of the hill in Westwood Lane closed some time before 1954 he bought the building. It was a long, low corrugated iron shack nearly opposite Orchard Close and he used it as a store for building materials.

p.84 and p.86, map of shops in Normandy and key to map. Shop numbered 3 should be 2 and number 2 should be 3 - the grocery (Walter J Rolph) was next door to the Duke of Normandy and the wardrobe dealer (Mrs J Smith) was about 2 doors further east.

p.87, paragraph 3, fourth line. After "Kate" insert "(actually named Ruth)".

p.92, last paragraph, first line: Replace "former Working Men's club" with "Normandy and Wanborough District Social Club".

p.97, sixth paragraph: In line 11 replace "British Fuels" with "Western Fuels". In line 12, replace "Western Fuels" with "British Fuels (who had taken over Western Fuels)".

p.101, paragraph 2, lines 1 to 4: Replace "The rooms of the mansion were used for different purposes at various times by Vokes. In the 1950s the Research Manager, the Engineering Manager (G H (Tony) Vokes), the General Manager (Bert Osborne) and the Company Secretary (Jim Phillips) had offices in the ornate rooms on the ground floor."

With "The rooms of the mansion were used for different purposes at various times by Vokes. In the 1950s the Company Research Director, the Company Engineering Director (Mr. G H "Tony" Vokes), the Company Director and Chairman of the Vokes Group (Bert Osborne, who died suddenly on the morning of Sunday the 26th April 1998 at age 89 years) and the Company Secretary (Jim Phillips) had offices in the ornate rooms on the ground floor."

p.101 paragraph 3, lines 7 to 10: Delete "The social club was not a great success though, because people felt it was 'too close' to work - they didn't like going back through the factory gates to socialise during their leisure time. It closed after about two years and after that the mansion began to deteriorate."

Replace with "Edward Moore was appointed Sports Club Manager by the Company in March 1963, taking-up residence with his wife and daughter on the top floor of the mansion. Until June 1979, when he left to conduct his own business after 16 unforgettable years, Edward managed the extensive sport facilities, a superior bar and a successful shop with a turnover at times of £45,000 per annum catering for the sports and social wants of a workforce of well over 1,000 employees."

p.102. Paragraph 6 ends "We have not yet found out who had the numbers Normandy 1 and Normandy 2". Add: "Mary Dean (née Coussmaker) informs us that Normandy 1 was the Mills' at the Post Office and Normandy 2 was Westwood (subsequently 2101 and 2102).

p.123, paragraph 6: Replace "a military band" with "the Bisley Boys Band from the Gordon Boys Home".

p.123, paragraph 7, third line. Replace "and his son Richard" with "and his son Roy".

p.124, paragraph 5. Before the last sentence (begins "In 1977 ..."), insert the following: "In 1975 Fiona Jackman received the Queen's Guide Award, the first in Normandy for 25 years".

In the next line, replace "Elaine Jackson and Susan Van 't Riet" with "Elaine Jackman and Sonia Van 't Riet".

p.124, paragraph 6, first line: Replace "in 1970" by "in about 1970".

p.127, paragraph 5, fourth line. Replace "are believed to have come from Aldershot Manor" with "were probably recovered from the demolished Boxgrove Priory near Chichester".

p.156, paragraph 5, fifth line Replace "Eric Privitt" with "Eric Rivett".

p.168, in the list of Incumbents of St. Mark's Wyke, for 1937-1944 replace "Charles Jones Tapsfield" with "Charles James Tapsfield".

p.179, paragraph 3, 15th and 16th lines. Replace "lived two doors from The Duke of Normandy" with "lived at 4 Willey Green Cottages, next door to The Duke of Normandy".

p.183, paragraph 2, line 3. Patrick 'Pat' Lewis, born in Newfoundland and in 1943/44 serving with the Canadian forces in this area, recalls that the Hog's Back was an official Tank Storage and Maintenance Depot where the tanks were awaiting dispersal in preparation for the D-Day landings. Pat subsequently married and lives with his wife in Farnham.

In the Personal Index:

  • Add: "Dean, Mary ......... 102"
  • Replace "Jackson, Elaine" with "Jackman, Elaine".
  • Add: "Jackman, Fiona ........ 124"
  • Replace "Knight, Bill & Richard" with "Knight, Bill & Roy".
  • Replace "Privitt, Eric" with "Rivett, Eric".
  • Replace "Richards, David" with "Richards, David (Jim)".
  • Replace "Van 't Riet, Susan" with "Van 't Riet, Sonia".

Inside back cover:
And under the Normandy Parish Council photo, replace Tony Highams with Tony Higham.

Normandy Historians Editorial Team
March 2010.
(Version 15)

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