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Tatters was an old house dating from 1741, roughly opposite 'Deanlands' on Guildford Road.

Normandy Smithy about 1906
Normandy Smithy about 1906
The smithy was on the north side of Guildford Road to the west of the Anchor and had been there since at least 1825. It was subsequently a builder's workshop and a coachbuilder's paint shop until World War II.
From the 1840s to the 1910s the house was probably occupied by John Stedman then his son Arthur Stedman, the village blacksmiths. The smithy was at the front of the property on the Guildford Road. Around 1960-61 the house was owned and occupied by Captain TH Whatley and his wife. After his wife died Capt. Whatley went to live in St Helena and died there in 1987.
Captain and Mrs Whatley in the garden of Tatters
Captain and Mrs Whatley in the garden of Tatters, Guildford Road. Date - 1960

According to Antiquities of Surrey, it was a grade III listed building. It had a large garden with apple trees, a fruit cage and vegetable garden. Despite its listed status, the house was demolished in the mid/late 1960s and several new houses were built on the large plot.

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